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Analysis Of The Global Strategic Focus Of America Transfer To The East By Geopolitics

Posted on:2013-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371495364Subject:International relations
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The essence of the global strategy of America is Dominate the world. The globalstrategy of America experienced a process that grow up from nothing and beingdevelopment and mature constantly, which can be seen a great game of Geopolitical.Since the end of The cold war, The global Strategic Focus Of America beginning toshift and Transferring To The East. In the geopolitical opinion, the reason is that firstAmerica try to control the edge of Eurasia, maintenance its Global strategicinterests.The second reason is that,as a “edge”,the development of East Asia is conflictto the Global interests of Global interests. As a Edge powers,the Rising China Was as athreat By the United States of geopolitical.The result of The global strategic focus ofAmerica transfer to the east is that the Security situation of Central Asia become moreunrest,where has become A new place that the powers battle for supremacy. TheUnited States’ involvement in the southeast Asian country integration, Increased thecomplexity of the relations between countries in southeast Asia. The United Statesimprove Japan and South Korea in the status of their global strategy, Threat to China’sand Russia’s strategic interests in northeast Asia, Northeast Asia’s security situation arebeing more severe. At the same time, The global strategic focus of America transfer tothe east gave rise to the Strategic situation of “containing China”, the land and maritimesecurity environment China’s deteriorated, which is against China’s peacefuldevelopment. Given This Situation, firstly China should do well to the development ofthe domestic, speed up the pace of peaceful rise, find accurate international orientation,further strengthen National defence construction; secondly, promote to constructsecurity pattern of northeast Asia, strengthen the relationship between China and Russia/actively improve relations between China and Japan/Properly handle the relationshipbetween China and South Korea; thirdly, deepened dialogue cooperation mechanismbetween China and The association of southeast Asian nations; fourthly, promote thestrategic partner relationship between China and India; Finally, China welcomes the United States to play a constructive role in the asia-pacific region.
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