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The International Monetary Fund Agreement Within The Framework Of The Rmb Exchange Rate Mechanism Study Related Legal Issues

Posted on:2012-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the 21st century, with China’s economic strength gradually increased, western countries led by America blamed on the problem of RMB exchange rate, and put forward some legal charge on RMB exchange rate arrangement. In this paper, the author regarded the International Monetary Fund as a starting point, based on" Agreement of the international monetary fund", " Surveillance over Exchange Rate Policies(the ’1977 Decision’)","Bilateral Surveillance over Members’ Policies(the ’2007 Decision’)" and other documents, and analyzed the legal provisions which relates to exchange rate. Through the study of legal provisions, the author analyzed various charges on China’s RMB exchange rate that the western countries raised and made a positive response. It provides legal protection for China to promote RMB exchange rate reform actively, controllably and gradually and to safeguard legitimate rights and interests fairly.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Monetary Fund, Agreement of the International Monetary Fund, RMB exchange rate
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