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Research On The Interaction Between Government And Non-governmental Organization

Posted on:2013-07-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330371976098Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the reform and opening, along with the development of market economic system and political reform, especially the goal of social reform of the "small government, big society" in China is established, the NGO whose speed of development is rapid is gradually deeper into various fields of social life, and plays an increasingly important role. Thus, as the main body of the management of public affairs—the government and the NGO will interact more and more frequently. The reconstruction of the relation of the government and society has become a consensus in theory and practice community, and that building the interaction between Government and NGO is a good entry point for the adjustment of government and social relations.To build service-oriented government is the objective of the reform of our government. Service-oriented government is a systematic project, and its implementation must play the role of the NGO. Under the background of service-oriented government construction, the Government and the NGO will usher in new opportunities for development. Because service-oriented government and NGO are consistent in the value idea, process of action, and targets for action, they are able to effectively promote each other’s development and form a good interaction. Under the construction of service-oriented government, the government and NGO are independent of each other in the organization, functionally cooperating, complement, mutual supervising, interactive, interdependent and mutually promoting with each other. Establishment of the good interaction is of great significance for the promotion of government reform, the development of the NGO, the management of public affairs and the needs of the public interest.This article consists of four chapters, which explore the interaction between Government and NGO’s from the perspective of construction of service-oriented government. In the first chapter, the ideas, methods, content and innovation are proposed on the basis of analyzing the research background, the meaning and review of domestic and international service-oriented government and NGO research results. The second chapter describes the concepts of the interactive relationship between service-oriented government and NGO, analyzes the realistic basis of the interaction between them, and explains the interaction between service-oriented government and NGO. The third chapter analysts of the problems of government and NGO interaction in the service-oriented government construction process from the perspective of the government, the NGO and the legal analysis respectively. To solve the problem, the fourth chapter proposed the solution which is that Government, NGO and relevant legal system should strive to form a good interactive relationship.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government, NGO, interactive relationship
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