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China’s Rural Public Service System And The Problem Of Supply And Demand Research

Posted on:2013-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Rural public service level is to measure a country or region coordinated urban and rural development and the rural economic and social development level of an important symbol. Since the reform and opening up, China’s urban and rural residents in the public service is still exist bigger difference, rural public service supply and demand imbalance problem.This topic is in the city of Zhengzhou rural public service system under the background of unbalance of supply and demand in Zhengzhou City, the rural public service system and construction for a specific object of study, based on the Zhengzhou city rural public service system construction and basic present situation, and to Xinmi and conducted an empirical study in Zhengzhou City, the supply and demand of rural public service system the basic situation and the existing problems of supply and demand and cause of formation analysis and empirical research. To solve the problem of rural public service supply and demand is the key to establish a farmer desire as a fundamental, efficiency and fairness of public service mechanism. And the realization of this mechanism is the premise condition of peasants’ participation and the government’s attention, however, Zhengzhou city’s background is:farmer quality remains to rise further, farmer organization needs further development, the functions of the government to further change. Based on the construction of rural public service system in interdisciplinary integrated research, the author proposes the construction of rural public service system in the bottom-up, top-down, under the interaction of the plurality of multi-level supply new pattern.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service, farmers, unbalance of supply and demand
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