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Comparative Study And The System Reference Of The Legal System Of Land Use Control

Posted on:2013-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330371976919Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Being one of the scarce resources on the earth, land is the root of all things with the characteristics of not increasing nor replacing. All the aspects of society are depending on the land, from basic necessities of life to huge economic development, such as industrial, agricultural, commercial and so on. The land resources is also experienced from the major use of planting to many kinds of uses, industry, commerce, publicity, housing, environment protection, etc. All fields are striving for land more, and the contradiction between human and land is increasing directly. The characters of land determine that the results of land misusing and wasting can not be redeemed if we can not take full management in land using. Therefore most countries implement the land management system, to ensure the land resources service better, and not damage the benefits of descendants in long term.As an important content in land management system, the land use regulation system is implemented in most countries, for a fundamental setting in land rational using. The land use regulation system defines that, by the series of laws and regulations, government controls the special uses of land to make the land get a reasonable, efficient and economical utilization, aiming of protecting agricultural soils, optimizing the living environment, and protecting the natures. The thesis is introducing the land use regulation system overseas, aiming of improving the theory of land use regulation system in China.This thesis is separated into three parts. The first part is introducing the general theory of land use regulation system, such as the basic concept, historical development, the significance and so on.The second part is mainly discussing the practice of the system in foreign countries. The author choose the US and Germany for the representative of rich land resources countries, Japan and Taiwan for the representative of scarce land resources countries. Comparing the land use regulation system in these countries, accoding to the factors of geography, politics and cultures, the author analyze the similarities and differences of the system in these countries, and evaluate the real effect.In the last, the author turn the vision back to China, starting from the specific implementation of the system in China, contrasting with other countries in this filed, finding out the aspects of omissions in theory and practice, to solve the tough problems of land use regulation system in China.In conclusion, the thesis is finally discussing that how to set the land use regulation system to suit China’s actual conditions and how to solve the specific problems in land use and management, after introduce the overviews and foreign practice of land use regulation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:land use regulation system, land utilization planning, land usagealteration
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