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Group Events’ Social Psychological And Induced Conditions Based On Qualitative Research

Posted on:2013-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330371994031Subject:Applied Psychology
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Based on Grounded Theory as well as interviews with27police from the forefront,this study probed into the feature and prerequisite of mass incidents from the perspective ofsocial psychology. By decoding analysis of the text data(about100.000words),a massincident model was constructed and its reliability and validity was examined. Regions ofincidents, participants, behavior features, and source of incidents, media strategies,researcher’s experience and social psychological foundation were discussed in this study.Conclusions were as follows:1) Mass incident was a kind of collective behavior which members of society used todeal with social contradictions in a confront way. Its number was increasing; participantswere more complicated; the scale and frequency was rising, its induction involved a widerange causing huge social influence.2) Accidental events,lasting accidents related with rights,rumors/wide spread of anaction course, and nonfeasance/misfeasance/failures of relevant authority triggered massincidents. As a result, when we predict mass incident,four indexes can be taken intoconsideration: rumors,gossip, problems reflected by petition, investigation of issues themass pay close attention to. Problems and public sentiment should be well solved orsupervised, procedural justice and information transparency were means to solve rumorand gossip, petitions department records and investigation could highlight the latter two.3) The intensified and stabilized contradictions in mass incident urged the explosionof incidents, while leaders higher up taking the lead, facing appeals, making faithprominent could calm down them. Consequently, when incidents need to be controlled,police strength should be used carefullyto separate homogeneous groups. Facing appeals and making faith prominent couldfacilitate the group mood to be alleviated and the incident to be calmed down. 4)The social psychological prerequisites of mass incident were distrust, unfairness,resentment,helplessness with sorrow,anger,frustration and feeling of deprived in thecourse.
Keywords/Search Tags:mass incidents, social psychological condition, grounded theory, qualitativeresearch, social psychology
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