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Molding Government Image In Public Crisis Management

Posted on:2013-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374456019Subject:Administrative Management
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In the course of human civilization, public crisis continues without stop, especially in recent years, many public crisis issues occur in China:from SARS in2003to snow disaster and from Wen Chuan earthquake in2008to Yu Shu earthquake. The frequent crisis is not only a challenge to the capability of government managing public crisis, but also to the shaping of government image. Government is the responsible body of public crisis management. If the government can deal with public crisis efficiently, it not only optimizes and innovate its own system and procedure, but also builds a favorable government image. To establish a benign government image is of great significance:firstly, the public credibility can be strengthened and the treatment of public crisis is to be quickened; secondly, it unites people together to deal with public crisis efficiently; thirdly, it raises the cohesive affinity of the whole nation; finally, the international status of China can be enhanced.The present thesis figures out the problems existing in crisis management in China, mainly including lacking of government crisis management awareness, imperfection of governmental information publication, defection of government accountability system and inefficiency of administrative effectiveness, then the author analyzes the harmful effects of government image establishment form the four aspects respectively. Based on the analysis, the present study defines the government image in public crisis management:firstly, the government image established in public crisis management is people first; government must make information public and build a transparent image; thirdly, government must take responsibility in public crisis management to set up a responsible image; fourthly, government should establish a image of honesty and high-efficiency. In addition, four measures to set up government image are put forward:firstly, the management consciousness of people first should be set up; secondly, government should perfect the publication system of governmental information to realize transparent government construction; thirdly, government complete government accountability mechanism to build a responsible government image; finally, government should enhance administrative effectiveness to set up a high-efficient government image.It is an essential requirement in public crisis management for modern government. We must strengthen the capacity to deal with public crisis to promote the building of government image and solve serious problems to set up a nice government image.
Keywords/Search Tags:public crisis management, govemment image, model
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