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The Communist Party Of China Rural Ruling Resources Development On Research Of The Problem

Posted on:2013-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, China is in transition in a critical period of social change. The existing pattern of relationsbetween state and society continue to subtle is changes. From the political development of countries in theworld, the operation of any ruling party’s governing philosophy and governing resource development,improved ability to govern should corresponded the political survival of the environment.Since the founding of new China, the Communist Party of China and the people’s Government of allprevious central presented repeatedly to building a socialist countryside modernization great conception.The Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC sixteen emphatically pointed out: at present, Chinese ruraldevelopment should be based on the development of China’s actual, adhere to the people-oriented, adhereto the scientific development idea, the social, economic, cultural, political and other construction to do well,so that the lives of the people have dignity. The Party Central Committee, the State Council within thegrasp of rural social and economic development on the basis of the requirements of the times,"3farming"working guiding ideology, policy, strategy is made clear further. This shows that Chinese Communist Partyin the rural construction work of the continuity and stability; at the same time, further illustrates theCommunist Party of China in the construction of rural work on a variety of work and make adjustment andinnovation, which requires the organization of rural basic level to fully understand the socialist ruralmodernization in the time line and arduous sex, and the Central Committee of the party in the countrysideconstruction thought maintain height to agree; to emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts; renew ideas,put one’s heart and soul into serve the people, serve the construction of socialist modernization; maximumextent promote the people’s increasing income. For example, the party must from rural current developmentactual, help people find to solve current "3farming" development way. More important is the party shouldconsider and think about how to improve people’s basic quality, improving people’s basic productionconditions, for the people to open up a new ways of making money, want to have scientific outlook ondevelopment ideology; balancing urban and rural development, coordinated development of economy andsociety, people and nature, people and people, the harmonious development of human and society. Thecalling party should shoulder the historical task of building a socialist countryside modernization, want tohave clear guiding ideology, establish the scientific concept of development, clear the rural developmenttrain of thought, change idea, more people need us to do, how to do, can serve for people, go can developway continuously increase in people’s income; at the same time, the party should guide the villagers toparticipate in the socialist modern construction management, enhance the people’s awareness of democraticmanagement. Democratic management is the main content of the construction of rural democracy.In our country, in the governing process of the party, in the development of rural social each guidingprinciple, policy, to improving the people’s quality of life in a prominent position, win the people’s supportand trust. So the party should adhere to the following principles:(1) According to the reality of the rural Party members and cadres should, thorough country investigation and study, listen to the views of the masses and the proposal。Solve people difficult problem,grasp the regularity and characteristics of the rural development, strive to do a good job in the party makeseach policy, policy decision, in line with the development of rural society is actual, accord with the broadmasses of the people intend to.(2) The rural development is actual and existing conditions, party in the development of rural society,according to be fully rural development natural law, economic law and law of social developmentrequirements, use scientific, democratic working methods to developing the rural social development goalsand implementation steps, drive rural socialist modernization construction have a plan, have focused on theprogressive of development. But the party in rural development must engage in" make it rigidly uniform","what I say goes." the bad social phenomenon.(3) To summarize the successful experience, categorized and guidance of rural work. Pay attention torural areas and important work, and sum up experience, and constantly create a new situation in theconstruction of rural social modernization.Since the founding of new China, the work of rural development in China has experienced the twistsand turns, the twists and turns of the Communist Party of China continue to study and explore China Ruralown road of development, apply Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory," ThreeRepresents " Important Thought and the Scientific Outlook on Development to guide China ’s socialistmodernization construction of rural areas, in the Party led people to each rural construction gains hugesuccess, farmer masses clothing, food, shelter, with line, basically solved. But in the process of construction,there are serious problems, which require our party to sum up experiences and lessons, and lead all theChinese people to build socialism with Chinese characteristics has laid a good foundation, is the broadmasses of the people live with dignity.
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