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In The Process Of Urban-rural Integration In China A Study On The Role Of Government

Posted on:2013-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Balancing urban and rural development, urban and rural integration development pattern, is our country overall construction comparatively well-off society is an important strategic mission. The17th Party Congress points out, urban and rural development, advance construction of socialistic new rural area, solve the three rural issues, concerns the overall situation of building a well-off society, must always act as the top priority of the party. Balancing urban and rural development, urban-rural integration is one of the main contents of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". The government in the process of urban-rural integration of the leading role is beyond doubt, and to better the role of government in the urban and rural development, very important. Therefore, research on the government function in urban rural integration status has important significance. Since the reform and opening up, China’s urban-rural integration has experienced exploration, implementation as well as the stability and development in three stages. In the integration of urban and rural areas continue to progress at the same time, related theoretical research work is also in progress, achieved some research results. However, the existing theories about the role of government in the process of integration of urban and rural awareness still exist deficiencies, this paper on the topic in this respect, hope to achieve some breakthrough.The first chapter is the introduction, mainly elaborated the background, significance, research status at home and abroad as well as the research method and basic train of thought, structure. The second chapter discusses the process of integration of urban and rural China the positioning of government role in the related basic theory, first of all on the integration of urban and rural content undertook an analysis, discussed the meaning of Chinese urban and rural integration, construction target pattern design principle and basic content, analysed the necessity of integration of China’s urban and rural areas; Secondly, through discussing the functions of the government’s historical changes, analysis of the government role should be. The third chapter summarizes the relationship between the urban and the rural development since the founding of new China, emphatically discussed the different period government to urban and rural relationship. The fourth chapter mainly through to the Sichuan Chengdu and Hubei Ezhou for the integration of urban and rural investigation, analysis of the two governments in which the successful experience is worth learning. The fifth chapter introduces foreign local government coordinating urban and rural development experience and its reference. The sixth chapter mainly through the discussion above, against the government in promoting the integration of urban and rural areas in the process of difficulty, pointing out that the government role positioning for “service-oriented government”, then put forward to ensure the positioning of government role in the seven countermeasure recommendations. The fifth chapter is the conclusion.
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