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Perspective Of Equal Basic Public Services Between Urban And Rural Areas To The Countryside Township Government Public Service Function Research

Posted on:2013-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China’s GDP have reached47.1564trillion yuan by2011, an increase of9.2percent over the previous year, what sated that the national economy have steady and rapid development. However, with the rapid development of the national economy, China’s urban-rural gap increased increasingly, since more than30year-reforming and opening. In the area of public service, the level of urban and rural basic public service is not equal."The eleventh five-year plan" was passed in the National People’s Congress of fourth session on March tenth2006, who puts " basic public service equalization" as an important mission firstly. The equilibrium of basic public service between urban and rural has became a hot spot since then. China’s first national special planning in the field of basic public services——" national system of basic public service planning (2011-2015)" was approval by the State Council, whose key is contractible the gap between urban and rural.All those sated that the practice and awareness based on the equilibrium of basic public service between urban and rural is gradually moving towards to a more practical way.The realizing of the equalization of basic public service between urban and rural areas gradually is the important foundation of narrowing the gap between urban and rural economic development,s the basic guarantee of social justice and harmonious society, is an important power of promoting the integrated rural reform basing on a new starting point of the reformation and opening.The township government is on a specific location between the country and rural society and plays an irreplaceable role between the state and peasants, as in the rural grass-roots regime of our country.The total number of China’s rural township government reaches33981by2010. And such a huge local government power is due to play a major influence on the function change of our government and social changes in rural areas. So, the change of township government’s public service functions is of great significant to realize the equalization of basic public service between urban and rural areas and build a harmonious societyInfrastructure is one of important species in the public service, the level of infrastructure constructionis related to the improvement of life level and enhancement of national production capacity directly. At present, the non equalization of infrastructure supply between urban and rural has become one of the obstacle of China’s rural economic and social development in the social transformation period. And all these have some influence on the development of urban and rural and the building of new socialist rural areas. This paper based on the equilibration between the urban and rural of public service equilibration and analysis the infrastructure supply of the town of HJ in Shaanxi Province. Aimed at the analysis of difficulties of township government, and explore the reason that impact ability of the township government public service. And find the path selection to strengthen the township government’s public service function at present.To strengthen the township government function of public service plays a decisive role in the construction of socialistic new rural area and the construction of harmonious society. The equilibration of basic public services between urban and rural provided an opportunity for improving public service ability of the township government. However, it is not easy to settle the problem of the equilibration of basic public services between urban and rural for the township government in the situation of many difficulties. The function change of town government still needs a long-term, arduous process.
Keywords/Search Tags:the equilibration of basic public services between urban and rural, township government, infrastructure supply
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