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China's Environmental Ngos To Participate In The Environmental Public Interest Litigation Related Issues

Posted on:2013-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374465306Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Since20th century, Increasing deterioration of the environment and continuous decreasing of environmental resources has made environmental problems concerned and environmental disputes more and more. environmental resources are public property, shared by most public, governed and protected by the government. Because of the public interest of environmental resources and external diseconomy of the market, the public has to let the government govern environmental resources. However, the government doesn’t performed its duties by law, which damages environmental resources seriously and then introduces Environmental public interest litigation, as the last relief means of environmental justice. But the plaintiff qualification problem of Environmental public interest litigation is very hot, it’s inadequate to take the nation as the only subject of Environmental public interest litigation to protect environment. Therefore, it’s necessary to establish multiple subjects system of environmental public interest litigation, and Environmental protection NGO should be the plaintiff of environmental public interest litigation because of its non-profit, public welfare and speciality. And foreign exercise proves Environmental protection NGO’s significance and importance in environmental public interest litigation.This paper discusses China’s Environmental protection NGO’s related issues in Environmental public interest litigation. In addition to introduction and conclusion, the paper includes four parts:The first part:overview about Environmental protection NGO and Environmental public interest litigation, which introduces Environmental protection NGO’s and Environmental public interest litigation’s concepts, characteristics and theoretical basis and necessity of NGO as plaintiff, classification of Environmental public interest litigation though recent Environmental public interest litigation’s Classic cases.The second part:exercise and enlightenment about foreign Environmental protection NGO joining in Environmental public interest litigation, which introduces America’s, German’s and India’s exercise and compares them and then concludes Similarities and differences. The third part:analyse on China’s Environmental protection NGO’s dilemma in Environmental public interest litigation, which includes China’s Environmental protection NGO’s exercise, external dilemma and inner dilemma.The fourth part:basic idea about China’s Environmental protection NGO’s joining in Environmental public interest litigation, which hopes to guide China’s Environmental public interest litigation’s establishment and improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Environmental protection NGO, Environmental public interest litigation, Basic idea
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