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Religion Socialism Harmonious View Of Our Country

Posted on:2013-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The religious concept of harmony, can be summarized as on religious, religion and society, between internal religious harmony among the conditions, essence and Realization of ideas. China’s socialist religious harmony is with Hu Jintao as the general secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China new generation of collective leadership after summing up many years of practical experience and puts forward the new thought of China, is Marx’s view of religion of the latest theoretical achievements. Religious harmony is the important content of constructing socialism harmonious society and is the inevitable requirement of.This paper first on the religious concept of harmony on the background, objective aspects, points out that the religious view of harmony in guiding religion’s own harmonious construction, guide the religion and socialism harmonious society organic adaptation, guide religious participation in the construction of socialist harmonious society in the important role of. Also on Marx view of religion in China the enrichment and development of theory of as much as possible to do a force, to provide certain reference function. Next to our country socialist religious harmony concept formation conducted on the background, religious harmony thought comes first can be traced back to the history of China’s traditional harmonious view and religious harmonious thought, after the founding of new China, all the central leaders of the thought rich contains a large number of religious harmonious thought wealth, comprehensive inherit and develop all the above thought the best after the party after the reform and opening policy, initially formed with Chinese characteristic socialism religion theory system. Again to our country socialism religion harmony connotation and characteristics are introduced. Religious harmony refers to the religious harmony, mutual harmony between religion, religious and social harmony and the harmony relationship between politics and religion etc.. Various aspects of complementary, mutual basis. The last of China’s socialism religion harmony approach to realize socialism future prospects, religious harmony, we must adhere to the Marx view of religion as the guiding theory, by the party and the country to strengthen the religious actively guide, and vigorously carry out international religious dialogues and cooperation process, finally by the religious and legal construction to improve and strengthen to provide effective legal guarantee.Socialist harmonious society calls for the establishment of economic, political, cultural and the comprehensive and harmonious development of society, religion as an important part of the society, social development is the important effects of strength. To build the socialist harmonious society and building a harmonious religion, religious harmony, directly related to the construction of socialist harmonious society. Research on China’s socialist religious harmony problem, is not only beneficial to guide the religion’s own harmonious construction, guide the religion and socialism harmonious society organic adaptation, more conducive to guide the religion in its role as a social force, in the construction of socialist harmonious society the effective cause of the effect of.
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