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An Opinion On Farmers’ Organizations Under The Leader Of The Communist Party Of China During The Agrarian Revolutionary War

Posted on:2013-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374472430Subject:Marxism in China
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The peasant problem was the fundamental problem of the Chinese revolution. The peasant is themost important dependable forces of the Chinese revolution and construction. The key to success of theChinese revolution and construction is how to organize and mobilize the peasant effectively. After thefailure of the Great Revolution, the Communist Party of China changed struggle tactics in time, turnedtheir attention to the vast rural areas, carried out the land revolution to call up the wide masses, ChineseRevolution entered the Agrarian Revolutionary war with vigour and vitality. The Communist Party ofChina attached great importance to the construction of mass organizations, and organized and mobilizedthe masses to take part in the war and construction in revolutionary base area. The peasant associationand Poor farmers corporation was this most important mass organization this period, the historical roleplayed by them was great, they left a brilliant page in the Chinese revolution and construction history.The purpose of this paper is the analysis of farmers’ organizations under the Leader of the CommunistParty of China during this period.The Farmers’ organizations of the Agrarian Revolutionary War underwent the peasant associationand Poor farmer’s corporation stages. This paper analyzes the evolution of farmers’ organizations thisperiod, and deeply discussed the introduction of farmers’ organizations during the AgrarianRevolutionary War, the peasant association of the Agrarian Revolutionary War, Poor farmerscorporation of the Agrarian Revolutionary War, the experience and enlightenment gained, etc.The question is on behalf of farmers’ organizations Mission Modem Chinese History and theChinese Communist Party History Research on the important issues covered in the field.Analysis andresearch missions of this period the issue of farmers’ organizations,summed up their experiences andlessons,for a new understanding of the basic strategy of the Chinese Communist Party in thecountryside and rural governance during the Agrarian Revolution, it has great academic value andtheoretical significance. Resolving three rural issues is the main task for the new period. It is to breakthe current critical juncture of three rural issues, research mission for farmers’ organizations to solveRural Governance to provide the basis and learn from history.
Keywords/Search Tags:The agrarian revolutionary war, Farmers’ organizations, The peasantassociation, Poor farmers corporation, villager autonomy
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