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The Research Of The Residence Management Of The Foreigners In Guangzhou

Posted on:2013-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374474965Subject:Administrative Management
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Guangzhou is an ex-follow battlefield of China and an important window of foreigntrade and international exchanges. With Guangzhou’s in-depth reform and opening up, moreand more foreigners come to Guangzhou. They not only promote the social economicdevelopment of Guangzhou, but also bring Guangzhou many social administrative problemssuch as illegally stay, illegal employment and committing crimes. They bring great pressureto Guangzhou in social administration and public order. Guangzhou should manage and servethe foreigners well because it is an important step of the process of construction andtransformation to achieve an international metropolis.In recent years, Guangzhou strongly strengthens the management of foreigners. But thereare still many problems in the administrative idea, the laws, the administrative system and theweak grass-roots administrative strength. Guangzhou has an urgent need to further strengthenmanagement of the foreigners. In my view, the dwelling place is the foundation of theiractivities and premise. Therefore, the residence management is the key to the management offoreigners. Currently the academic circles don’t pay much attention to this research field. Thisthesis develops a research on the residence management and has achieved innovation inacademic. It will also push forward the overall management situation of Guangzhouforeigners and accelerate Guangzhou’s city construction.This thesis has adopted documents research method, empirical research method and casestudy method. After studying a great deal of documents, I come to the conclusion that themanagement of the spreading resident foreigners is the most important part. By making use ofa lately public management theory and drawing lessons from domestic and internationalrelevant foreigner management experience, the thesis has put forward three systematicsolutions to the residence management of Guangzhou foreigners. The Main innovation of thisthesis has been placed in four points. First, it induces the problems in the residencemanagement of Guangzhou foreigners. Second, it has put forward the idea of residencecertificate to strengthen the management of the foreigners. Thirdly, it has designed the maincontents, mechanism of residence certificate. Last, it has proposed the suggestions on settingup a grand administrative system of Guangzhou foreigners and strengthening communityservice for the foreigners in Guangzhou.
Keywords/Search Tags:management of foreigners, residence management of foreigners, mechanism ofresidence certificate, a grand administrative system of foreigners
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