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The Research On The U.N. Convention Against Corruption And The Improvement Of National Integrity System In China

Posted on:2012-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374491035Subject:Administrative Management
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Corruption is one of the most popular topics among any social system in the longhistory,it already has a serious influence to people’s life,political power andcommunity stabilization. Anti-corrupt is a crucial event which related to national riseand fall, social stabilization and people’s life.In the end of the20th century, Transparent International promoted the conceptof “National Integrity System”,it broke the traditional concept that the government isthe sole legal power in the governance of anti-corruption,and impacted significantlyand importantly for further development of national integrity.Aiming to fight againstcorruption in the wordwide,《United Nations Convention Against Corruption》(UNCAC) was drawn up in2003by the58th session of the UN Congress,China hasDeliberated and approved UNCAC in October,2005.The creation and approvement ofthe UNCAC has an advantage to fight against corruption in the world and theformation and consolidation of united front of international anti-corruption.Currently,with the opportunity of the implement of UNCAC,we have to improve thenational integrity system in our country,and promote the further development ofanti-corruption movement.In present thesis,based on the basic theory of national integrity system,underthe national integrity system which was organized by the UNCAC,after the analysisof the Present condition and deficiency in China’s integrity system,the implementconectted to UNCAC of China’s integrity system and some suggestions toimprovement it has been proposed.In present work,the first chapter is an introduction, describing the researchbackground, significance and methods, presenting the main contents of the article.The second chapter is an introduction of the background and the structure of nationalintegrity system,the functions of national integrity system has also been analysed.Thethird chapter analyzes of the main contents of UNCAC,and the national integritysystem which was organized by the UNCAC.In chapter Four, the analysis of thePresent condition and deficiency in China’s integrity system is presented,thedeficiency in China’s integrity system has been analysed after the contrast with thenational integrity system which was organized by the UNCAC.Finally, somesuggestions to improvement China’s integrity system has been proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corruption, 《United Nations Convention Against Corruption》, NationalIntegrity System, NIS’S pillars
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