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Study On The Construction Of The Service-oriented Government In Township Level

Posted on:2011-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374496080Subject:Public Management
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With the age of globalization, information and democratization, public serviceshave achieved more and more attention. The traditional model of supply ofconcentrated service has not been able to meet the needs of the public. Thus, thereform of government springs up to focus on the improvement of the public serviceand the enhancement of the government capacity. The idea of service-orientedgovernment has been put forward as the further promotion of the reform of ourcountry, which is the inherent requirement of the transformation of the governmentfunction as well as the absorption of the international practical achievements and thelatest theories. According to the national condition of our country, how to build agovernment administration model reflecting the rule by the people essentially is arealistic problem to be resolved urgently by the government. In terms of practicalverification and theoretical exploration, building a service-oriented government is thebest program for the solution of this problem as well as the long-term goal of thereform of administrative setup in our country. Recently, various levels of governmentshave taken measures to establish the service-oriented government industriously, andcertain achievements have been presented. However, the studies on the building ofdifferent grades of service-oriented governments are still insufficient, especially thetownship service-oriented government as the lowest level of government seemsattractive. Therefore, the research in this thesis has a significant practical value aswell as a profound theoretical importance.In this thesis, Theory of principal-agent, theory of serving the people, new theoryof public service, Theory of building new countryside; Theory of Local Governanceetc, are mainly applied, and by using the methods of comparative study, case analysis,literature research, etc, the normalization studies on the status, the principal problemand its cause analysis in the building a township service-oriented government in ourcountry have been proposed based on the experience studies. It is indicated that thedesign for building a township service-oriented government should be carried outfrom the aspects of government function, target of service and content service. Thelagging of the transformation of township government function, the discrepancybetween the management style of township government and the inherent requirementof service-oriented government building, the function disequilibrium in theequalization of the basic public service, the insufficiency of township government affairs opening, and the serious asymmetry between right of property and right ofaffairs are the main problem in the building of township service-oriented government.The efficient institution and the wholesome mechanism are the only way of building atownship service-oriented government. Base on the above considerations, the efficientroutes haven been pointed out: further enhancing the public service function of thetownship government, optimizing the manage procedure of township government,extending the channel for the public participation of the building of townshipservice-oriented government, promoting the reform of public financial system,intensifying the civil service of the township government, innovating the managementstyle of the township government administration and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Township government, Service-oriented government, Function of government, Administrative system
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