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Research On Public Service Outsourcing In The Process Of Functional Transformation Of Local Government

Posted on:2013-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B R LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374497401Subject:Administrative Management
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With the continuous development of the society and the significantly improvement of the economic level, Government’s traditional approach of taking on all the public affairs can no longer meet the needs of the public. The socialization of the public service function, as the fundamental guarantee of high-performance and high-quality public services, has become an important objective of administrative reform. Public service outsourcing as an important means of socialization of the public service, has also become an important way and the only way of the Government to perfect the social management and bring forth new ideas to social services.However, public service outsourcing is not satisfactory as people expected in practice. Government purchases is still in the exploratory stage not introducing competitive mechanism. The imperfection of system regulation led to a lack of operational basis. Backward development of civil society organizations result in inevasible government-dependent. Loose professional qualification certification prompts professionals to be deficient in practical skills. Public awareness in public services outsourcing remains to be raised.The solution to fulfill public service outsourcing of local government lies in five points. Firstly, given attention in terms of ideology, change the understanding of outsourcing, and transform "government omnipotence" to "government-led civil operations". Secondly, implement series of the outsourcing policy to set up clear mechanisms of services purchase and supervision. Thirdly, guarantee the finance budget of outsourcing to strengthen efforts of services purchase. Fourthly, accelerate the development of civil society organizations undertaking outsourcing, ensure the independence and organization health of civil society organizations, and ultimately improve the social structure. Lastly, establish evaluation and supervision system of service outsourcing by a third party to implement quality management.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service, government function, outsourcing, social organization
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