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The Villages And Towns Government Public Service Research

Posted on:2013-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374958458Subject:Administrative Management
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The township government as the country’s most grass-roots level of government, in a wave of national administrative reform, especially after the completion of the reform of rural taxes and fees, the abolition of the township government has become a focus of discussion by the people. China’s urban-rural dual structure system, rural development lags far behind the city. Government as a grass-roots rural areas, lack of administrative resources, administrative power is very small, grass-roots affairs complicated and tight fiscal spending factors, the township government is facing long-term functioning of the lack of mass recognized, some of the country’s public policy in rural areas is difficult to achieve, the township government work difficulties, tensions between cadres and masses a series of questions. Therefore, the public services of the township government to solve the effective functioning of the township grass-roots government to meet the actual needs of the farmers for providing public services to promote the rural economic development and farmers’ production, the protection of life has a strong theoretical and practical significance. In this paper, the status of township governments to provide public services as a starting point, literature, descriptive study and data collection, analysis of public service functions of township government in place a variety of reasons, and referenced in this article, reference and research A township the actual situation, and thus the problems faced by the township government to provide public services proposed to explore the scientific definition and division of the functions of township government, to build a harmonious administration ecological environment, improve the proportion of the state of the transfer of the township government, and integration of innovative local tax management system, formation of multi-supply main market mechanisms to improve the overall quality of the township cadres, to speed up the process of urban and rural public service equalization, and township governments to provide effective public services, farmers really need, and provide a more feasible policy recommendations and measures to promote the construction of service-oriented government of the township.
Keywords/Search Tags:township government, administrative reform, Thetransformation of government functions, Public service
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