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Research On Local Government Behavior In Forest Land Requisition

Posted on:2013-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374962825Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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The land requisition and occupation force of law to change the collectivelyowned land for public interest so requires and compensation of a legal system.Without the consent of the landowners consent, the supreme ruler of a legallyenforceable power. As a constitutional inherent right to the public, can effectivelyavoid market failures due to the high cost of land transactions. However, the localgovernment naturally has the tendency to abuse and generalization of land requisitionand occupation powers. Local government he contest of pursuit “GDP” and theunreasonable local government race, non-public benefit land requisition andoccupation is a serious violation of the rights and interests of the collective landowners. Non-standard local government forest land requisition and occupationbehavior has led to a series of social contradictions and problems. In recent years,disputes arising from land requisition and occupation in some places is still one of themain problems of the society. Therefore, is need to further research on how toregulate the behavior of local governments in the requisition and occupation of forestland, provide a theoretical preparation for the scientific development of the system offorest land requisition and occupation.In this regard, this study takes Putian City, Fujian Province as an samples,analysis of the characteristics presented by China’s local governments in the processof forest land requisition and occupation. Analysis incomplete property rights reformof collective forest right system based on property right theory, the impact of localgovernment behavior; Analysis the local government levy in the forest occupied theexercise of power on the preferences based on the perspective of game theory underthe performance evaluation in the central and local area economic development; fromthe substitution effect theory to explain the alternative relationship between themanagement systems of forest land requisition and occupation of agricultural land;comprehensive analysis of various factors on forest land and use analytic hierarchyprocess method to sign occupied by the local government behavior factor. Then topropose the appropriate policy recommendations. The conclusions of this study show that the fuzzy woodland property rights asdefined by the reform of collective forest right system, the way of foresters woodlandrights due to lack of effective land rights foundation and organizational security, cannot be truly realized. Desire for financial and land, after the“revenue-sharing-scheme”, the local governments necessarily against the interests offarmers’ land. The loose of woodland management, and in the strict policyrequirements of national protection of land resources, local governments will use thewoodland as the replacement of agricultural land to meet the requirements of the newround of land competition. Which for forest land requisition and occupation of publicinterest, the technical difficulty of the forest land compensation standardsdevelopment, leading to adversely affect the interests of farmers in the requisition andoccupation of forest land. Therefore, this study is necessary to safeguard the landinterests of the farmers must improve the woodland sign occupied by the legal system,clear the forest land property rights; constraints of official conduct, reduce the "landfinance" to strengthen forestland management methods to protect the vital interests ofthe farmers.Since the preliminary studies of woodland Occupation is limited, and localgovernment as the important supply subject of forest land,their research has a certainnecessity. At the same time, the current of the academic and social protection offarmland is more than woodland protection, to protect the woodland resources isurgency. Therefore, this article from the administrative management, institutionaleconomics and econometrics research methods to systematic analysis thecharacteristics and related factors of forest land requisition of local governmentbehavior. Due to the constraints of this study, combined with sensitivity of thewoodland requisition issue, making the limited range of data of this study, therefore,this issue needs further tracking and research.
Keywords/Search Tags:forest land requisition, behavior of local governments, influencing factors
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