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Legal Consideration Of The Media Trial

Posted on:2013-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Summary of the contents:modern society, with continuous improvement and development of our country the rule of law, justice concerns, more and more requirements of open justice voices have become stronger. In this context, the news media played an important role to oversee the administration of justice, and promote judicial justice, to expose corruption in the judiciary, civic rule of law. People in the media have great expectations, public opinion is regarded as effective measures to curb corruption in the judiciary. However, despite the news media in pursuit of an objective and fair as their responsibility, but also inevitably subject to the influence of different interests and values. News media, of course, reflect public opinion, but we also have the possibility of misleading public opinion. Once the court is misled by the news media under the pressure of public opinion legislator, there may be hard to resist this enormous pressure, the trial loss of impartiality and independence.The media monitoring is a double-edged sword, able to promote the case to justice, towards democracy, but also may prompt the judgment in the case problems. This does not mean the news will have a direct pressure on the courts, but rather refers to it by the leaders and public opinion to put pressure on the courts. And now, a lot of media, when reporting the incident clear-cut stand, often standing in the party a party to analyze problems, the result would most likely do not understand the event really like to listen to the side of the story, mislead the public. Law to respect the facts, for evidence, the public opinion for the most compassion for the weak emphasis on the moral, this phenomenon is caused by the illusion of Anger, disgust many people the law that the law is too cruel to the neglect of humanity. Therefore, the media should return to a feature of the media itself is reported to any one thing, you should try to pursue a value-neutral stance, not a thing in advance conclusions. Although the media on the judicial oversight can help to safeguard the conduct of the judges found that the grievances of wrong case, to prevent corruption in the judiciary. However, this does not mean that the media can be the cynical involved in the judicial field, and even affect the judicial activities independently. Otherwise, the media, not only will not achieve the supervision and administration of justice, to promote the purpose of the course of justice, it will decay due to excessive intervention in the cause of justice. Similarly, the judiciary can not be arbitrarily deprived of the right of supervision of the media will be shut out legitimate news gathering.
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