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Civil Evidence Collecting System Research

Posted on:2013-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the reform in judicial system and civil cases, which are considered as the most important procedures, uncomplete civil evidences collecting system will influence litigation system. They should be focused on the theory and the practice. In the article, the writer starts with the theories of civil evidences system by analyzing purposes, characters, subjects, objects and value; comparing civil evidence collecting system; generalizing the status situations of civil evidence collecting system; concluding the problems of civil evidence collecting system; providing suitable reform suggestions. By doing so, the shortcomings of civil evidence collecting system will be made up and improved.Except introduction and conclusion, the article is divided into four parts to support the theme.For the first part, the content includes general introduction of civil evidence collecting system; explaining purposes, characters, subjects, objects and value of civil evidence collecting system, then make sure its value. All of these serve for the next part, which shows the problem of civil evidence collecting system and its reasons and solutionsFor the second part, it is focused on studying the development of civil evidence collecting system and methods to study by researching national civil evidence collecting system, analyzing their common points and diverges.For the third part, the most important point is to analyze the problems and causes of civil evidence collecting system. This kind of system will be improved after considering its reform direction; generalizing its status situations and concluding its problems and solutions.For the fourth part, the writer provide four pieces of advice on the basis of three parts mentioned above. All these points are obtained by studying experience abroad, concluding its problems and causes of this kind of system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil evidence collecting system, Value, Status situations, Improving solutions
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