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The Study Of The Path Of Rural Cultural Construction Under The Background Of The Integration Of Urban And Rural Areas Of China

Posted on:2013-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374978770Subject:Marxism in China
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Under the background of the integration of urban and rural areas development, the farmer demand more culture currently, it is more and more important to construct rural cultural It will not only play an important role to strengthen the rural culture construction and build an new Chinese village, but also has the construction of a harmonious society and a well-off society whether we can construction the rural culture construction path.From the literature we study the history of the development process of the rural cultural construction path. From an overall point of view, since the founding of new China to the reform and opening, the traditional rural culture the economic base of the state power to change, culture and ideology have overall controlled the peasants’ cultural awareness is defined in the collective range. After the reform and opening up, the city is changed a lot, the "two-dimension society "in urban and rural areas declined, rural infuse modern cultural factors, but the market economy under the market culture utilitarian value orientation, cause rural original thought and cultural paradigm collapsed. Urban and rural the arrival of new period, for the cultural construction of countryside path provides a new growth opportunity.In this paper, theoretical research and Empirical Analysis on the basis of comprehensive rural culture construction, summed up two paths:the rural cultural construction of the endogenous path, focusing on the remodeling of rural social characteristic of the native culture, at the same time, both the embedded path construction, the city culture reasonable implementation and to stay rural countryside. Finally, the formation of cultural structure is a reasonable, balanced, efficient development in operation, service quality and extensive culture.This article through to the T county survey found that, at present, in the farmer main body exist in rural hollow trend and rural cultural elite outflow; in the cultural content exist in rural local culture outflow and the city community culture exit; on the existence of cultural infrastructure construction lags behind and the cultural construction of the high-end vectors need to be strengthened; in consumption exists backward rural economic development and farmers’ cultural consumption consciousness is weak; in the organization the existence of government cultural service function of weakening and folk cultural organization difficult growth. Rural local culture gradually withdraw from the rural society, city culture is very difficult to realize the countryside and rural. Therefore, in the urban and rural background, will begin construction within two paths, path construction mainly, embedded path construction is complementary, and jointly promote the cultural construction in rural areas.This paper is divided into five parts. The first part:introduction, including research background, research purpose, literature review at home and abroad, rural culture, research methods. The second part:the path of theoretical analysis, in balancing urban and rural development under the background of cultural construction in rural areas, puts forward the path selection, namely:the endogenous path and embedded path, and analyzes the two path with characteristics. The third part:the empirical analysis, first of all, through the survey data obtained the status of rural culture construction path, from the rural economy development, the main body position of the peasants, the government and the leading position of cultural infrastructure construction four aspects of comprehensive analysis of path. The fourth part:rural cultural construction path policy recommendations, respectively discusses the four factors on the endogenous path and embedding paths should play a role in. The fifth part:conclusion.
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