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A Research On The Countermeasures Of Reducing Administrative Costs Under The Background Of"Super Ministry System Reform"

Posted on:2013-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374980364Subject:Administrative Management
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The government should consume certain social and economical resources during the process of executing public administration. Therefore, the administrative cost issue comes out. Administrative cost is an important indicator which is to reflect the efficiency of government’s management and the potency of public administration. To find the approach to reduce the administrative cost to a reasonable level has been the common pursuit of governments around the world as well as one purpose of our country’s administrative system reform. The high level of administrative costs not only contributes to the low efficiency of administration and a waste of public resources, but also not in accordance with the effort our government made to build the modern government super ministry system, which adapts to the request of service oriented government, responsible government and jural government, and also becomes one obstacle in the process of advancing super ministry system reform. Both our party and government have attached great importance to the administrative cost issue. In the government report of2010, prime minister Wenjiabao pointed out that our government should "adhere to implementing thrifty administration, against consuming regardless, continuously lower administrative cost".Thereby, to find a sound and effective way to control administrative cost is the basis of establishment of an efficient and transparent government and the key to successful public management.The super ministry system reform is an innovation in the field of government institution in the new era. To some extent the super ministry system reform is a campaign of reinventing government. One of the reason why the super ministry system reform implemented is to cut down governmental administrative cost, and settle the problem that the administrative cost isn’t in proportion with administrative efficiency. By integrating government’s functions and institutions organically, the possibility of intercross and overlap happened to government’s functions will be reduced. It will help redistribute the power among the governmental departments reasonably, consummate the government’s operating system, and achieve the ultimate goal to reduce administrative cost fundamentality.This paper starts with public choice theory and seamless government theory, and try to study, the administrative cost issue from multi-subject perspective, such as public administration, economics and management. It points out that in addition to the holistic level of administrative costs is high, the growth rate of administrative cost is also fast. The cost of unsuccessful governmental decision, the waste in the execution of administrative assignment, the scale of government agencies and officers is also huge. Combing analysis method like comparison analysis, criterion analysis with induction and deduction to probe into the problem of administrative cost all-around and in depth. Four reasons are summed up that leads to these problems of controlling administrative cost under the background of super ministry reform, they are conceptual reason, institutional reason, operational reason and mechanism reason. By drawing on successful practice and experience of reducing administrative costs from other countries, which have already implemented the super ministry department. Combining with the super ministry reform carrying out in our government, the paper also puts forward several practical countermeasures for reducing the administrative costs from two aspects, namely consummating reform of government institutions featuring super ministry system and internal management in government. These countermeasures include consummating administrative decision-making system, building the frame of governmental internal control, establishing administrative cost accountability and combine budget management with organization control, which will offer some constructive reference for controlling administrative cost under the background of super ministry system reform.
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