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Research On Legal Issues Of The State-owned Capital Gains

Posted on:2013-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the gradual enhancement of reform of state-funded enterprises, most of state-owned enterprises have been reorganized or restructured by the demand of modern enterprise system, which quality assets have come to be stripping listed or listed as a whole. However, confined to the dependence on the system of history and practical interests incentives for a long time, few funded enterprises in our country locate distributions of profits to all the shareholders including state-owned shareholders, or even by way of dividend as a token, which violates the principle of "Who invests, who benefits" in market economy and also fosters excessive investment behavior of enterprises, hence influences hedge against inflation and increase in value of state-owned assets, further damages the interest of the national. Based on what is mentioned, the thesis makes the Central enterprise holding listed companies listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as sample to do empirical research on state-owned capital gains, here comes to the conclusion that the non-distribution of dividend of state-owned capital profits is common, the proportion adopted about cash dividend is higher but that of distribution is relatively lower,etc. The author believes that the main reasons for the status quo include imperfect state-owned capital budget system for managing and non-standard state-owned capital income distribution system. Through the investigation of the evolution of state-owned capital budget system for managing, it is seen that the imperfection of system is demonstrated on inaccuracy of location in state-owned capital operating budget, finite range on state-owned capital budget for managing, thus destroying the logic, content, the force of law and the overall level of the system,etc. The problems of state-owned capital benefit distribution include the institutional defects of share interest distribution and the inadequate corporate reform of state-owned enterprises. In recent years, State Council has progressively promoted the trial implementation of state-owned capital budget for managing system and the proclamation of state-owned assets law, creating a good moment for the perfection of state-owned capital budget for managing system and state-owned capital benefit distribution, which is just the foothold of the thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned capital gains, central enterprise holdinglisted companies, budget system for managing of state-owned capital, income distribution of state-owned capital
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