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Secretary Of County Party Committee Cadre Selection Behavior Research

Posted on:2013-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374990995Subject:Public Management
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The county is one of the most important local government, is the key link.Secretary of county Party committee is prefectural class the leading group ’s core,charged with the development of economy, stable society and other important duties.As everyone knows, choose cadre right is the core power of secretary of county Partycommittee. Scientific standard of secretary of county Party committee cadre selectionbehavior, is a matter of our party’s ruling position on major issues, but also promotethe construction of democratic politics, the inevitable requirement of building highquality cadres is an important measure to promote the development of countyeconomy, the effective guarantee, improvement of the urgent need of selecting andappointing cadres.Look from whole, Secretary of county Party committee cadre selection behavioris ceaseless and normative, supervisory consciousness increases ceaselessly,democratic and open degree to rise ceaselessly. However, Secretary of county Partycommittee cadre selection behavior still exists some problems not to be ignored,mainly in the dominant consciousness is too strong, the standard holds forbid, morerandomness, process and the lack of democracy, the alienation of power etc.. Thecauses of these problems, mainly some of secretary of county Party committee of theirquality is not high, the adverse effects of feudalism ideology, social environmentnegative negative effect, the cadre selection and appointment system deficiencies,inadequate supervision and restriction. Scientific standard of secretary of countyParty committee cadre selection behavior, must adhere to standardized supervisionand ensure the full exercise of power, the exercise of power and the unity ofresponsibility, unity of individual behavior norms and normative and collectivebehavior, combining prevention and punishment after the fact the combination ofinheritance and innovation, perfect combination, expand the democracy and lawcombining the principles of. Should hold to from set up correct concept of secretaryof county Party committee cadre selection, clear authority and responsibility forselecting cadres, cadres work link, exploration of performance evaluation mechanism,perfecting the mechanism of supervision and other aspects, to standardize theSecretary of county Party committee cadre selection behavior, and promoting thereform of the cadre and personnel system.
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