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A Study On Citizen Participation In Basic Government Performance Measurement

Posted on:2012-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y D TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374991551Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years, with the upswing of democratic administration, citizenparticipation attracted more attention of all circles of the society. Rise and developmentof citizen participation in basic government performance measurement is very importantto development of basic government performance measurement. That the citizenparticipates in basic government performance measurement cause to ensure theinevitable choice of the construction of service government´╝îtransparent government.However, in practice, there are many problems which limit the development ofbasic government performance measurement in citizen participation in basic governmentperformance measurement. In subject of citizen participation, the consciousness ofparticipating is weak and the ability of participating is limited. In object of citizenparticipation, scope and deepness of citizen participation is limited. In cost and effect ofcitizen participation, the cost of participating is too high and the effect of participatingworks out badly. In ways of citizen participation, the ways of citizen participation havenot been resolutely put into practice and the communicative channel of citizenparticipation is poor.Aiming at important question of citizen participation in basic governmentperformance measurement currently, this paper analyzes the reasons according toproblem citizen society, political culture, legal system and systematic environment. Thedefective citizen society cannot provide appropriate social environment, communicativechannel and ways for citizen participation. The consciousness of power worship,personal attachment consciousness and golden mean of Chinese traditional politicalculture dispose basic government workers to preclude citizens from citizen participationin basic government performance measurement, citizens to refuse to participate in basicgovernment performance measurement. Because of the defective substantive andprocedural laws, citizen participation has no laws and set procedures to abide by.Because of the defective performance measurement of basic government, citizenparticipation has no system foundation.On the basis of succeed experience about citizen participation in foreign basicgovernment performance measurement, this paper provides some suggestions aboutimproving citizen participation in basic government performance measurement in China.In citizen, participator should be scientifically defined; participation consciousness should be strengthened; participation ability should be improved. In government,performance information should be disclosed timely, effective; the ways of participationshould be resolutely put into practice; the scope of participation should be widened; thedeepness of participation should be deepened; communicative ability should be improved;administrative officer should build a concept of public service government. In systematicenvironment, citizen society should be cultivated; the citizen participation of legalmechanisms system should be perfected; participating political culture should be build.
Keywords/Search Tags:basic government, performance measurement of government, citizenparticipation, democratic administration
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