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Major Government And European Integration

Posted on:2013-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In1991John Major replaced Margaret Thatcher as Britain’s new primeminister, Major timely adjusted the foreign policy of UK, European policy is Oneof the most important. Major change the rigid position of Thatcher’s resistance toEuropean Integration, trying to get UK in the center of Europe. In the face of thewave of economic integration, Major government advocated the become a memberto the European Common Market, but refused to join in the European singlecurrency system, and obtained many immunity. In the face of construction thepolitical integration, the British advocated speed up the process of EU enlargement,the United Kingdom against conceded national sovereignty, fight againstconstruction of a supranational nature of EU, advocated establish a loose coalitionof nations. Fight against establish an independent European defense system,advocated establish a NATO-led European defense system.Major hope to win more national interest for the United Kingdom in the waveof European Integration, but he did not want to join the integration processsincerely, the United Kingdom show their uniqueness in the process of EuropeanIntegration.
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