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Study On Efficiency Of Village-Level Public Services Supply From The Perspective Of Innovative Village-Level Governance Model

Posted on:2012-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330377454793Subject:Administrative Management
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As the National Urban and Rural Comprehensive Reform Experimental Zone, Chengdu has been continuously extending public services and social management to rural areas. As a bridge between village-level public services supplier and demander, the village-level governance has a direct impact on the village-level public services supply. Therefore, this paper takes the village-level governance as the entry point for investigating the public services supply to explore the current situation of the village-level governance and public services supply and analyzes the characteristics of new model of village-level governance, with a view to establishing a highly efficient and fair village-level public services and social management system.The paper can be divided into four parts.The first part is the Introduction part, which provides the background, significance, progress, method and innovation of this research.The second part is Theoretical Summary of Efficient Village-Level Governance and Public Services Supply. In this part, the author explains the definition and theoretical basis of village-level governance and village-level public services, and establishes a framework for analyzing village-level public services supply from the perspective of public affairs governance theory successively.The third part-Review of the Development Stage of Village-Level Governance Model points out that the development of village-level governance is a long and gradual process which will be affected by many factors on the basis of a review of China’s village-level governance model. The effective supply of village-level public services at present stage has to rely on an effective democratic mechanism, which is, in other words, a new model for village-level governance. The analysis of how the village-level governance model affects the village-level public services supply indicates that the village-level governance model in China is closely related to the manner of village-level public services supply and the innovation of the former is the prerequisite of a highly efficient mechanism for the latter. The current village-level public services supply in China has widespread problems with fairness and efficiency. As for these problems, the author argues that only by continuously innovating village-level governance model can it become a bridge between village-level public services supplier and demander and can the problems be solved fundamentally.The fourth part selects three typical regions in Chengdu as the samples to expound the innovation of their village-level governance model and village-level public services supply. Through the comparative analysis of the three samples, the author concludes that a new village-level governance model should be like the following one-it straightens out the day-to-day operation mechanism of village-level organizations, defines the decision-making scope of village Party organizations and meeting of villagers (villager’s representative meeting), endows the villager conference with supervisory function and promotes the collective economic organizations to carry out business activities independently. Based on the adjustment of right structure of village Party organizations, the governance subjects at the grass-roots level are able to exert their functions, and the masses are able to join the supply and demand of public services through autonomous negotiation and democratic resolution. According to the summary on new village-level governance model, the author puts forth three main factors affecting the village-level public services supply.The fifth part expounds that the village-level governance, which is an effective way to solve the problems of village-level public services supply, successfully links the supplier and demander, thus making the democratic mechanism operate more smoothly. As for the ever rising reform of the village-level governance, this part will provide countermeasures and advice for further improving the village-level governance model to promote an efficient village-level public services supply.The last part concludes that we must promote the innovation of village-level public services supply and integrate it with the village-level governance in the new situation, so as to achieve mutual promotion and coordinated development. We have reason to believe that in the context of ever rising reform of the village-level governance, the manner of village-level public services supply will also get constantly revised and improved.
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