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The New Service Mode Of Service Oriented Government

Posted on:2013-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330380474526Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Service type government service innovation is the inevitable choice for the reformof administrative management system. Construction of service oriented government inChina must set out from national condition, with Marx theory as the theoreticalfoundation, and use the western countries of service type government constructionuseful theory and experience. Social public servant theory, the mass line, serving thepeople, the people of the democratic theory is the theoretical basis of governmentservice mode innovation. Theory of new public administration and new public servicetheory is the government service innovation theory. Government service innovation hasits profound realistic basis. Government service initiative is insufficient, governmenteffectiveness of service is not strong, the government service quality is not high, thegovernment service effect not beautiful is the current government in the provision ofservices existing problems. The new service is the initiative service and responsiveservice combination service. Response of the service is the basic form of governmentservices, government survival and continuation of the foundation, is the basic duty ofgovernment, but it is a relatively low level service mode. Initiative service moreemphasis on government service initiative and foresight, which is responsive servicecan better reflect the nature of the state, is a higher level of government services.On the responsive service router analysis mainly includes the basic connotation,basic types, basic characteristics, main advantages and defects in four aspects to discuss.Response to service the basic types include: functional response, appeal response,responsibility, prospective response response. Legal, accountability, effectiveness is theresponse of the basic characteristics of services. In response to service the mainadvantages include: response validity, clear goals and respond to direct. Responsiveservice main defects include: response to passive, response lag and responseinefficiency. On initiative service interpretation includes on its basic connotation, basictypes, basic characteristics, main advantages and defects in four aspects to discuss.Initiative service of basic types include: policy service and technical service of unity,service and service life of unity, free service and paid the service is unified, proactiveservice and reactive service integration. Response of the basic characteristics of servicesincluding: a mandatory, intrinsic decisive, foresight, interactive sex, fair sex. Initiativeservice main advantages include: lead, voluntary, proximity. Initiative service maindefects include: single, random, inequality. New service mode which is a combinationof the two. A new service mode includes three aspects: responsive service includesinitiative service; service initiative in response to service; responsive service andinitiative of complementary services embody people standard. New service typesmainly include: law enforcement type government response, legislation the government response, prospective active service, passive service to active service, caused by suddenevents triggered by active service. A new service mode has the following features:openness and transparency, democracy and the initiative, scientific and rational,inheritance and contingency. A new service mode at the same time suck responsiveservice and active service advantages, both and mutual complement, supplement eachother, be scientific and reasonable optimize structure. To strengthen the government’spolitical legitimacy, maintain political stability; resolve social conflicts, maintain socialharmony and stability to have positive effect.On the new service mode of service oriented government ways at the same time ofresponse service and service initiative the dialectical relationship. Responsive serviceand active service with the same sex, mainly displays in: the government service thesame object, government services, government services target the same same same,basic implementation, government assumed responsibility for the same. At the sametime, responsive service and service initiative also has certain difference, main show is:service consciousness is different, different, different service attitude service concept,service evaluation in different ways, service impact and effect of different. Correctlyhandle the initiative service and responsive service dialectical relationship is mainly toachieve the organic combination of two modes of service, improve service quality,improving the people’s satisfaction; the realization of two kinds of service means isorganic and unified, mutual cooperation, mutual complement. In light of the specificconditions to choose appropriate service mode, through the organic combination of thetwo, realize the service speed and quality of service uniform, which is fast and goodservice. Service type government model service realization way, mainly to theconstruction of a new service mode practice system, this system includes the goals,principles, implementation mechanism. Service type government new service approachto achieve target is mainly include the overall goals and objectives. The new servicemode of realization principles include: put one’s heart and soul into service principle, tostart from the trivial principle, begin from me, neither return principle principleprinciple principle, persevere, completely. Service type government new service modemust fulfil specific service mechanism dimension can really be implemented, the mainsystem is: service consciousness education, cultivation of initiative service team,improve services for the people of ability, establishing a quality of service mechanisms,to implement the service procedure.
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