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Study On The Problems Of Democratic Supervision In The Autonomy Of Villagers In China

Posted on:2013-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330392454618Subject:Administrative Management
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Strengthen the villager autonomy of democratic supervision is an important task topromote the construction of rural grassroots democracy, and it is effective way toguarantee the democratic rights of the people and it is important to achieve rural socialharmony and stability and economic development. In the implementation of villagerautonomy for over30years, our democratic supervision of villager autonomy hasachieved good results by active promotion of the villagers and the people’s governments atall levels in China. But in the villager autonomy, due to the extremely unbalancedeconomic and social development in China’s rural leading to democratic supervision isstill the weak link in China’s villager autonomy. So it is significant for villager autonomyand grass-roots democracy in china to analy the underlying causes of the problems thevillagers’ autonomy and to find the solution to the democratic supervision.There are many problems in the process of exercising democratic supervision, forexample, the low awareness of supervision, supervision of a single channel, and thesupervisee have too much power. Those problems provide convenient conditions forvillage cadres corruption, resulting in deepening contradiction. It seriously affect thenormal operation of the villagers’ autonomy. The emergence of these problems is notaccidental, it has deep causes to lack democratic supervision. To fundamentally solvethese problems, it is necessary to proceed form the perspective of the villagers, the villageparty branch and township government to improve the villagers’ autonomy in democraticsupervision. But also to strengthen the system construction, to protect democraticsupervision of the implementation of specific laws and regulations in the form. In thisarticle, by learning from democratic theory, and basic on the discusses of the democraticsupervision body and the form of supervision, I analysis the causes of producingdemocratic supervision of villagers’ autonomy, and proposed to solve the problem ofdemocratic supervision of villager autonomy.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Autonomy of villagers, The democratic supervision, Rural Governance
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