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Study On Improving Maritime Serviceability Of Administrating Beilun Boundary River Between China And Vietnam

Posted on:2013-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395454932Subject:Public Management
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Dongxing, as the inersection of land and sea transportation between China and AFTA(ASEAN Free Trade Area), is the main portal and access to Vietnam or even ASEAN. Beilun River lying between Dongxing and Mong Cai, Vietnam, both the natural national boundary line and most important water transport channel of border trade between China and Vietnam.In recent years, with the developments of China’s shipping industry, maritime administration is also faced with new situation and challenges, especially the regulation of boundary rivers, which relates to the developments of water transport facilities, the safety of people’s lives and property, sound development of the national economy, the harmonious relationship between human being and the natural environment, and also relates to social stability, national defense and international image as well. In order to better serve the socioeconomy developments, promote sound and rapid developments of border trade, defend state sovereignty and rights and interests, better supervision of sailing ships, implement the maritime regulatory repsonsibility entrusted by the state, based on his in-depth investigation and study, the author found a number of problems in Beilun boundary river governance, such as insufficient supervision of ships, and serious problems in maritime port management. The author puts forward a series of maritime administrative solutions and recommendations on improving the boundary river supervision ability, maritime serviceability and water transportation safety control, and providing better services for local economy, watermen or boatmen and border inhabitants combined with his many years’experience in maritime administration and active research visits.In addition, the study also made an inductive comparison with the maritime agencies of some developed countries, such as the USA, the UK, Korean and Canada, and made a particular study on the adminstrative structures and models of St. Lawrence River, the Rhine and the Sino-Russian border river and the author also puts forward some inspirational advice on maritime boundary river of Beilun management according to the domestic maritime administration situation. In accordance with the present situation of Beilun boundary river maritime adminstrative organization and difficulties in cordination with more agencies participation, and consideration of the Chinese and Vietnam customs and local traits and living habits, the author raises some practical advices to enhance the quality of maritime services inspire.Finally, this article summarizes the work experience and inspiration of the maritime administration during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", makes a better future planning in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", hoping this study will be of meaning and significance to promote a certain Beilun boundary river management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Beilun Boundary River, Administration, Maritime Services
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