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Logic Of Good Governance Of Villages From The Public Service Aspect

Posted on:2013-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395455152Subject:Public Management
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Village governance is the basis of China’s local governance while the public service is an important content of village governance. The change of village governance modes is influencing the public service in rural area. After entering "post-agricultural-tax era", the state accelerated to promote the Urban and Rural Harmonious Development Strategy, the new development of rural public service poses new requirements to village governance, this laid a solid foundation for a multi-centered co-governance system of cooperation between grass-root regime and citizen society, maximizing the public benefits in good governance. The public service is the logical starting point of good governance of villages while the good governance will surely perfect the public service. The good governance of villages is a process of optimization of the relationship between grass-root regime and peasants in search of a balance of good order through this continuous optimization. In the public service-based model of good governance of villages, the state power is embedded in the relation, order and criterion composed in the public service-centered multi-elemental governance structure, realizing the "good governance" of rural society through effective handling of relations between the state and peasants, the state and the rural society. This paper, using the Municipal Y as an example, investigates the status quo of village governance and public service, analyzes the major constraints to realize good governance of villages from such aspects as the dragging public service construction, weak ability of grass-root regime, unbalanced relations in rural society, continuity of nativeness and multi-elemental impacts of modern development and, based upon these, study and explore the path and countermeasures of good governance of villages. It proposes to increase inputs, to speed up the reasonably arranged facility system, to diversify the suppliers, greatly promoting the construction of rural public service construction; to optimize the grass-root government functions, to unify the responsibility, right and benefit of township government, to speed up the transformation of township government and build service-oriented government, to build up an effective admittance mechanism and enhance the team work of town and village cadres, earnestly enhancing grass-root regime construction; to harmonize the relationship between township government and village committee, to normalize the relationship between village committee and village party branch and to improve "one discussion on each matter" system to rebuild a new type of rural social relation; to endow the peasants with complete citizen rights, to strengthen their political participation, to improve their organizational degree, to greatly develop the third sector in the rural area, exerting to cultivate citizen society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Village governance, Public service, Good governance of villages
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