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Research On Performance Evaluation Of County-level Government Based On Improved Fuzzy Synthetical Evaluation

Posted on:2013-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395462911Subject:Administrative Management
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Government performance evaluation becoming the focus of public administration in western countries from the1970s, western countries attach great importance to improve the government’s administration level by evaluating the government performance. Since the1990s, the China government driven by globalization conducted performance evaluation to explore and try, and had made some achievements in theory and practice, but also emerged of a number of excellent government performance evaluation model. As the research of China’s government performance evaluation started late, especially in specialized areas of county-level government performance evaluation studies are rare. In view of this, this paper attempts to build a systematic, scientific, effective and objective county-level government performance evaluation system in line with China’s national conditions to measure the comprehensive services level of county-level government, improving the functions of county-level government, enhancing service level of county-level government.This paper adopts the research methods which combines theoretical research and empirical analysis and combines qualitative and quantitative method, but also combines with the literature search method, field research methods, theoretical formula method and other methods to study. The main research content and innovation achievement is as follows:First, this paper researches the construction method of county-level government performance evaluation index system and the index value method. Firstly, given the built index system based on DELPHI method. Then, research the performance evaluation index value quantitative method of county-level government. Finally, aimming at the wild values dealing problem which appears in the process of computing index value, this paper advanceds wild values processing method based on Grubbs. and gives a specific application instance.Second, this paper research the weighting method of the county-level government performance index value. Firstly, researching the traditional weighting method, and pointed out the limitations of traditional subjective weighting method and the objective weighting method. Then, propose a GFAHP weighting method, and pays more attention to the construction of fuzzy complementary matrix, the generation of fuzzy consistent matrix, the weighting of fuzzy consistent matrix, the weighting of individual decision-making experts, the computing of synthetical weight, and other issues. Finally, the GFAHP weighting method is used to weighting county-level government performance evaluation system, and weighting process and result of each index is provided.Third, research the improved fuzzy synthetical evaluation method of the county-level government performance. Firstly, researches the traditional fuzzy synthetical evaluation method, and gives the evaluation process and the basic steps. Then, pointing out the limitations of considering few factor and low resolution of traditional fuzzy synthetical evaluation method, advances an improved fuzzy synthetical evaluation method. Finally, to verify the correctness of the proposed method, taking the10county-level governments under xingtai city for example, evaluating the above county-level government performance by improved synthetical evaluation method mentioned above. Giving the evaluation results, analyzing the evaluation results, proposes the effective impvoving suggestion of county-level government performance level.Fourth, research the design and implementation of county-level government performance evaluation software system. This paper explores the county-level government performance evaluation software system, and uses the software system to evaluate the county-level government performance level, and gives some evaluation interface. Through application examples, it is can be found that the county-level government performance evaluation software system greatly improves evaluation efficiency and and automation level of the county-level government performance evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:County-level Government, Performance Evaluation, Index System, Fuzzy Synthetical Evaluation
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