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Research Development Of The Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2013-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S W YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395482204Subject:Administrative Management
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With the constant improvement of China’s market economic system as a centralized, open, customer-oriented,"one-stop" service is characterized by the Administrative Service Center, has become operational mechanism of local government innovation an important mode and platform. Administrative Service Center is a local government spontaneous attempts at reform, an innovative governance model, accelerate the construction of the Administrative Service Center has become the local governments to achieve the transformation of government functions, and to optimize the environment for economic development, improve administrative efficiency and deepening government affairs important measures. With the continuous development of social information process, the public is increasingly concerned about our government so that it is widely under the supervision of the public to take advantage of information technology to achieve optimization of government decision-making behavior, focusing on the creation of social services consciousness, the establishment of a fair, just, open, harmonious and orderly social environment, has become the world development goals of the future government, Center public viewing angle, one-stop service is characterized by administrative service model has become the consensus of Governments.Administrative Service Center as a preliminary exploration of government reform, due to its construction time is not long, is still in the initial stage of exploration practice, theoretical research is still relatively weak, in the context of the lack of systematic theoretical guidance and institutional change, Administrative Service Center in the actual operation of facing multiple difficulties and doubts. Administrative Service Center on how to stop service, providing the public satisfied with the service and become a topic of common concern of the government and academia.In this research background and new public management theory, seamless government theory, as well as e-government theory theory as the theoretical foundation to the Administrative Service Center of Dalian City, for example, in-depth study of one-stop administrative service center the current development status of the administrative Service Center analysis of the problems and shortcomings of the administrative Service Center, through in-depth analysis of the causes of the problem, and finally put forward a sound administrative service center building countermeasures and suggestions. Full-text content is divided into six parts.Chapter one, mainly on the research background and significance of the papers in the Summary of the research arguments and the results on the basis of this research, research ideas, research methodology, and innovation.Chapter two, mainly elaborated the theory of the Administrative Service Center, including new public management theory, the theory of seamless government and e-governance theory, expounded the basic concepts of the Administrative Service Center.Chapter three, mainly on the development status of the Administrative Service Center, Administrative Service Center of Dalian City, for example, its institutional setting, business functions, management system and its development status of a generalization, public satisfaction survey, drawn public satisfaction on the quality of service of the administrative service center.Chapter four, in-depth understanding of the Administrative Service Center, the problems faced by the Administrative Service Center and to analyze the reasons.Chapter five, improve the administrative service center building measures. Further illustrate the problems faced by the Administrative Service Center of Dalian City, and some suggestions.Chapter six, Conclusion and Outlook.
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