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A Research On The Supply Of Rural Public Service Under The Integration Of Urban And Rural Areas

Posted on:2012-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395487686Subject:Administrative Management
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Adequate public goods and public service is the foundation of stable development of economy and society, while the current situation of supply of public service in rural areas of China is worrying. With the rapid development of social economy, Chinese peasants’demand for public service is increasing and more personalized, however, the supply of rural public service has been unable to meet the growing public demand of peasants. Meanwhile, in the long-standing urban-rural structure, the supply of public service in rural and urban areas is in the state of imbalance. Inadequate supply of public service in rural areas and imbalance between urban and rural public service supply has become serious economic and social problems that has influence on sustainable development of China. The ultimate goal of the continuing social productive development is to achieve common progress of all regions, while urban-rural structure also violates the modern requirements of the national social justice. While the contradiction between urban and rural areas is becoming increasingly prominent, the practice exploration and theory research of integration development of urban and rural areas is obtaining attention from our government.. After the Party’s sixteenth congress, the government officially put s forward the strategy of integrating economic and social development of urban and rural areas. In this progress, increasing the level of rural public service supply and solving the plight of rural public service supply is a valid way of improving the situation of rural public service supply.Based on illustration about connotation of related concepts This article firstly explores the relationship between integration of urban and rural areas and rural public service supply. Then it selects the rural basic education, medical service and public information service to analyze the current situation of rural public service supply, so as to summarize the problems of rural public service, which mainly include the lack of total amount, structural imbalance and prominent unfairness. This paper argues that the main reason that results to problems of rural public service supply at present lies in the flawed system of rural public service supply. And then makes the reason as the basic starting point of analysis of countermeasures. That’s to say, the article adopts the perspective of institutional analysis to study the root of plight of rural public service supply, and makes the advance of integration of urban and rural areas as breakpoint, in order to analyze the history of supphly system of rural public service, with some brief comments. Finally, the article puts forwards some advice of improving rural public service. The article argues that we should focus on the principles of fairness and equitability, progressive resistance, diverse supply led by government. Also it gives corresponding countermeasures in terms of expressing mechanism of demand, decision-making mechanism, fund-raising mechanism and supervision mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Integration of urban-rural areas, Rural, Supply of public service
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