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A Strategic Analysis Of The China’s Diplomatic Difficulties In Southeast Asia

Posted on:2014-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395494772Subject:International politics
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Southeast Asia is one of the two strategic core areas of most concern in China, hasgreat economic and political significance to China’s strategic rise. In recent years, withChina’s rapid rise and the implementation of the South strategy, as well as the Americanreturn to Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia became the focus of the strategic center of thetwo great powers. The difficulties of Chinese diplomacy in Southeast Asia to a certainextent are a product of gravity eastward of the U.S. strategic center. China and theUnited States in the next10-20years will decide the future pattern of order andauthority in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.Sino-US relations are the most important bilateral relationship in the21st century.As is the rise of emerging powers-China, and the dominant power of the global order-the United States, have broad influence in the international community. Sino-UScooperation will be conducive to world peace and stability, which is the inevitable trendof the development of Sino-US relations. Southeast Asia’s strategic collision will be theimportant run-in period between the two countries. If they in the exchanges andcommunication promote the building a new consensus and even a new mode ofcooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, they will re-shape the new order in theAsia-Pacific region.This study from the geopolitics perspective looks at China’s diplomatic difficulties,the collision of the Sino-US strategy in Southeast Asia and China’s next hundred yearsstrategic perspective view, deeply analyzes the geopolitics of the world, East Asia andSoutheast Asia, indicates that the status of the regional powers is very important forrealizing the great rejuvenation of the nation and the Chinese dream; basing on theSoutheast Asian region, becoming the leader of the Southeast Asian regional order is an important prerequisite for regional powers. Therefore, in order to become the leaderof the Southeast Asian regional order, China must crack the diplomatic difficulties in theSoutheast Asian region.The article divides into three parts, explains the nature of the diplomatic difficulties,analyzes the reasons of diplomatic difficulties and proposes the countermeasures tocrack the Chinese diplomatic difficulties in Southeast Asia, proposes a century grandstrategy for the future development of Chinese diplomatic. Parsing of Chinesediplomatic difficulties in Southeast Asia, this article promotes reference views forChina’s future development strategy and the construction of new relations.
Keywords/Search Tags:geo-political, rise of China, Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy, diplomatic predicament in Southeast Asia, diplomatic strategy
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