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A Study On The Japan-European Community Relations In1970s

Posted on:2014-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395496063Subject:World History
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In1970s, the first expansion became a major event in the process of Europeanintegration. With the acceleration of the integration process, the European community wasplaying a more and more important role on the world stage, and began to focus more on Asia.At the same time, Japan spared no efforts to develop relationship with the EuropeanCommunity and its member states with the purpose of political recognition from Europeancountries, diplomatic return to world stage and global improvement of international status andinfluential power. The development of the Japan and the European Community relations had amore important impact on the evolution of the international situation and the world pattern.The National Secretary of America state Kissinger put forward The Atlantic Charter, in anattempt to influence and interfere with connection and development of the Japan-EuropeanCommunity to keep balance in the triangular relationship of Japan, U.S. and Europe. Once theidea was put forward, the three countries were absorbed in the interactive system of thetriangular relationship. The research of European Community enlargement phase of the Japan-European Community relations in1970s will help to understand and analyze the effect of world politics and economy. Meanwhile, it also has the significance to our country forcorrectly grasping the world situation.This paper discusses the development of the evolution process of Japan and EuropeanCommunity relationship in the progress of European integration in three parts. The first partdeliberates on the European Community enlargement and Japanese attitude reflected. Thesecond part analyses the interactive relationship between Japan and Europe. The last partdiscusses the bilateral effects between the interactive relationship and the triangular tie ofJapan, U.S. and Europe.
Keywords/Search Tags:European Integration, European Community enlargement, The Japan-European Community relationship
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