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The Current Study Of The Problem Of Reservoir Resettlement In China

Posted on:2013-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395952704Subject:Administrative Management
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Reservoir resettlement in China has gone through decades of practice, has issued a series of reservoir resettlement policies and regulations resettlement planning, the standard of compensation and resettlement of migrants, migration management, the late support such a specification, reservoir resettlement has made great achievements, but also caused some problems left by history.With accelerating urbanization and the growing awareness of people’s market players, there has been a growing number of immigrants, there have been many new reservoir resettlement problems, as a factor in social harmony and stability. In order to solve our current reservoir resettlement implementation of the many problems that exist, the article describes the status of reservoir resettlement issues and analyze the underlying reasons that caused the problem, from the set of reservoir resettlement agencies, job functions, management system and other aspects of the research system and demonstration. At the same time we learn from the experience of resettlement work of water conservancy and hydropower projects at home and abroad, study and formulate the construction of the reservoir resettlement work management system suitable for China, and a matching management system, improve the reservoir resettlement legislation to provide legal and policy guarantees for the resettlement.Aims to promote the reservoir resettlement in China to the development of standardized and institutionalized and program direction Improvement of infrastructure, increase the late efforts to support and improve the standard of their compensation, so that immigrants can really move out, stability is maintained, and play a role to safeguard the legitimate interests of the immigrants, and promote the smooth development of the transformation of government functions and our reservoir resettlement work.
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