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Research On Shaping The Government Image Strategy

Posted on:2013-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395958743Subject:Administrative Management
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Currently, China is experiencing crucial period that transition from planned economy to market economy. Various social contradictions are very sharp, the ability of the government and the credibility of the government are very important at the moment. The image of the government is the government behavior in the public mind reflect, which is the key to the success of reform. Reinventing government new image in the new era is an important topic which has been placed in front of the national government at all levels. The main purpose of this context is to seek an effective way shaping the image of the government in the new era, especially in the day of rapid development of network.With the rapid development of computer, the features of network such as crossing time and space, convenience, and interactive had been made network marketing getting more and more companies attention and application. Government application of marketing concepts to shape the image of the government is still in its infancy, but research it is an important trend, and also has a lot of research space. This article is the application of marketing concepts, and exploring the use of network marketing strategy to shape government image. This study is divided into five parts.Part1is the Introduction, mainly on the research background, research significance, relevant research trends, research methods and the innovations, and to respect the domestic and the foreign relevant research. It is inspired from the literature review on shaping the government’s image which from the perspective of transmission, especially marketing perspective.Part2is the theoretical basis, first elaborated the enterprise marketing and the marketing concept, and analyses the relationship between the two. Then introduced the network marketing theory and the government image. At last, analyzed the feasibility which apply the marketing idea to shape the government image.Part3is the government image position in the context of the Internet age, that is honest, responsible for the efficient, transparent and fair and integrity of the new government image.Part4is the current government network image problems in it and on the analysis of the problems.Part5is the specific network marketing strategies to shape government new network image, such as government website marketing, blog marketing and government micro-blog marketing. The above step by step, is a unified whole.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government image, Network marketing, Website marketing, Blog marketing, Microblog marketing
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