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Construction Of A Service-oriented Government Research At The Local Level

Posted on:2013-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395959738Subject:Public Management
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In the citizen standard, to standard and social standard under the guidance of the concept of servicetype government, strictly according to the legal procedure, in the whole of the framework of a democraticsocial order, according to the will of the citizens ’ desire to reflect the formation of citizens for the purposeof service and undertakes the responsibility for service government. From theoretic look, service-orientedgovernment puts forward in connotation and denotation and scientific outlook on development greatthought fit, and the construction of a harmonious socialist society has an inherent unity and externalcoordination. New period, new stage, grass-roots construction service government is implementing thescientific outlook on development, building a socialist harmonious society in the implementation ofgovernment construction is important reflect, also be to accelerate the reform of the administrative systemin China, to ensure that our party to perform better for people’s important task. But look from practice, ourcountry society is moving toward prosperity, development stage, people living standard rises ceaselessly,the superiority of the socialist system becomes more and more obvious, the socialist market economy playsan increasingly important role in it, the people’s participation in political, management social life desireincreases, these are for our government to offer better update on the development requirements. But inreality, the government function of public service has yet to adapt to the new situation and functions ofpublic services, and economic development and public demand can not match, perfect public servicesystem and the system has not been established. Therefore, in system of perfect socialist market economy,accelerate the development of socialist market economy and construction of socialist harmonious society,enhancing the public satisfaction with the government under the new situation, accelerate the constructionof service-oriented government is the fundamental way. The construction of a service-oriented governmentto strengthen governmental oneself construction, cogent change government function, improve governmentmanagement and service with the economic and social development to adapt to the socialist market, thedevelopment and the construction of socialist harmonious society have important theoretical and practicalsignificance.In order to promote the Changqing district service type government construction, this articleemphatically from the western developed countries put forward the related service type government theory,through the analysis of our service-oriented local government building in the background and currentsituation, combine Changqing area which is a typical case to undertake an analysis, take the macro analysis and micro analysis, empirical analysis and normative analysis combined research methods, discusses theChangqing district government in the construction of basic level of service type government constructionencountered how difficult is how to explore and resolve, and other parts of the country’s governmentreform is compared with some of their development characteristics.This paper selects Changqing district government as the primary type of government with service tothe individual case analysis, to explore the construction of service type government process the problemsreflected in May with regional and its own characteristics, in line with the Changqing area actual situationbut, for other basic service type government construction has certain reference significance. At the sametime, grass-roots construction service government study is to with the development of economy and societydeeply and unceasingly thorough, we need in future practice combining with work continue to be studied,with a view to our government put forward a better development suggestion.
Keywords/Search Tags:The grassroots level, service-oriented government, research, reform
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