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Study On The Establishment Of Achievement Evaluation System For The Leading Cadres Of The Party And Government At County-level In China

Posted on:2013-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395967092Subject:Public Management
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The establishment of an achievement evaluation system, which can highlight the characteristics of the leading cadres, and reflect both the rules of evaluation and assessment as well as the scientific outlook on development has long been an significant subject emphasized, explored and studied by the circle of the party building theory, academy and the organization and personnel department. At the frontier of reform, development and stability, the status of the leading cadres of the party and government at county level is quite special in the leading system of the government and the party in China. The study on the achievement evaluation system of the leading cadres of the party and government at county level, generally enhancing the efficacy, and the scientific, normative, and the systematic level of evaluation is essential for building of high-quality leading team at county level, consolidating the leading base of the party, strengthening the governing capacity of the party, maintaining the stability of power at county level, and accelerating the development of the local, even the national economy.After a general discussion on related theories, this thesis generalizes the experience drawn form the achievement evaluation system for officials in other countries, and analyses the current achievement evaluation practice for the leading cadres of the party and government at county level in China and its problems, based on which suggestions on improving the evaluation system are proposed. Meanwhile, by exploring the practice of Yunnan province in recent years, both the standards and methods for evaluation are closely examined. Aiming at improving the practicality of the evaluation standard in reality, this thesis discusses the design of an more typical and effective evaluation standard and the method for its quantification to offer a new perspective on the classification evaluation of the cadres of the party and government.
Keywords/Search Tags:leading cadres of the party and government at county level, achievement evaluation system, establishment
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