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Attorney Recommended In Procuratorial Work In The Civil And Administrative Practice And Perfect To Explore

Posted on:2013-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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For the state legal supervision organs, the procuratorate organs are responsible for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the people, the social fairness and justice, the social harmony and stability, maintaining the dignity of authority of the socialist legal system unified, and promoting the construction of the fight against corruption, and promoting the economic and social development. With the market economy in China continues to open up and rapidly developed, the process of the democracy and rule of law make a rapid advance, and the awareness of the law is growing up, that caused the various kinds of disputes in civil and commercial matters and administrative areas increased significantly, the civil and administrative litigation cases also surged a lot. How to reconcile and deal with the disputes between different stakeholders, and effectively resolve the social conflicts, these to become the major tasks of the judiciary. In the civil field, to the procuratorial organs, how to expand the mode of supervision, give full play to the role of prosecutorial power, to carry out good legal supervision solved the bottleneck problem.This article is divided into four parts, around the central issue which the attorney recommended to start on. The first chapter is the basic theoretical summary, mainly introduced the concept of the attorney recommended, which started from the history to help understand the connotation of procuratorial recommendations and to the precise definition. Then, this part did the general description of the characteristics of procuratorial proposals from the four sides:the weak powers of the generality, the legal basis for the legal status, the relations of the property, the legal consultation and legal behavior.The second chapter discussed the necessity and feasibility of the recommendations of the Attorney. From the provisions of the legal documents to legal practice, the necessity and feasibility of the Attorney recommendations are well reflected.The third chapter described the prosecution recommended that the procuratorial work of the China line, combined with practical experience of several common forms, is the to retrial recommendations, the implementation of the supervision of the Public Prosecutor’s advice and mediation supervision of Attorney recommended. This part deeply analyzed the several types of attorney and the start of the scope and procedural issues, and proposed some relevant legislative proposals.Chapter four did a comprehensive exposition for the procuratorial recommendations from the perfect angle, such as the professional team building, the instruments produced standardized and improved, the improvement of relief channels, and at last did a complete elaboration.
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