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Path Selection Of Service-oriented Government Construction In China

Posted on:2013-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G C TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395971670Subject:Administrative Management
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It will always be the good wish for the mankind to pursuit and establish a goodgovernment, and the quality of the people’s life often decided by its status. In China, it hasbecome one target of the government’s reform to establish the service-oriented government. Itwas the significant target of the reform and development of Chinese government to constructthe service-oriented government, so did the politics’ development. This was not only thegovernment’s value, but also its precise position based on the fundamental nature of thegovernment. Taken in this sense, constructing of service-oriented government was not aslogan, but the dramatic change from the service concept, administrative mechanism and way.Thus, research of the constructing the service-oriented government was not merely thetheoretical significance, but also the practice significance.Started from the basic theory, the problem and the reasons to construct theservice-oriented government were analyzed, and the homologous measures were proposedbased on the analysis. The paper was comprised by three parts:Part: discussing of the concept, characters and basic theories of the service-orientedgovernment. The service-oriented government was taking the service as its purposeinitiatively, and fair&justice as its principles, and efficient, transparent and doing somethingaccording with the law as its characters. Its theoretical basis was theory of sovereignty of thepeople, the new public service theories and new public management theory.Part Ⅱ: analysis of its problems and reasons caused these problems. Based on theanalysis of the practice, the main problems was cleaned up, namely the poor guiding of theconcept of service, lack of the protection systems and tardiness of changing of thegovernment’s functions.Part Ⅲ: explaining of the way to solve the problems. Firstly, the service concept must berenewed, the spirits of public service must be cultivated, and the public culture must beformed. Secondly, the protection system must be constructed, such as constructing of thepublic financial system, perfect of the disclosure System of Information and establishment ofthe performance system of oriented by the public service. Only in doing like this, thegovernmental functions were changed fundamentally; service-oriented government wasestablished principally based on the marketization, socialization and informatization.
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