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The Early Translation Of Modern Japanese For "Elements Of International Law"

Posted on:2013-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395972167Subject:Special History
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Bakumatsu period in Japan, the Chinese translation version of the "Elements of International Law"was published.Then it was as part of the Japan-China exchange for understand the use of the international situation and to gather intelligence was brought to Japan.The subsequent Meiji period in Japan have a tremendous impact at the same time, and exchanged the history of modern.Therefore, the changes brought about by the law of nations to Japan that is worth to look at and explore.While in Japan there are multiple versions of international law translation, and each version has inherent characteristics.Taking the theory of constructivism as the theory base,But now in China,from some point of view,discussion is still fall behind of Japan.In this dissertation as a problem to trying to carry out further analysis and research.Linguistics and international law related to the concept of theory based on the English, Chinese translation version of "Wayaku" and other original data fo reach version comparison system precipitation which the difference. Trying to order to compare methods, as "translate" as the origin, China and Japan in the perspective of different appearance and different modern factors hidden.This article is divided into three parts.the first part focuses on Translation "Elements of International Law" and translation of each version of the evolution,the final will focus on the Meiji period scholar historian Shigeno.The second part, an attempt to discuss and analyze and translation "Wayaku" to made of the relevant characteristics of the article. The third part focuses on the weight of the information disclosed in wild An Interpretation of writings, and contact the Japanese diplomatic practice, translation by word inspection to be imposed by force in Modern China and Japan, perspective Meiji Japan’s diplomatic activities, mode of thinking and behavior loop for re-examine the diplomatic history of Japan to provide a new discussion of the program.
Keywords/Search Tags:Elements of International Law, Yasutsugu Shigeno, Translation, Diplomatic of Japan
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