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Marx And Engels’ Ideology Of Government Public Functions In The Development Of Contemporary China

Posted on:2013-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395986714Subject:Marxism in China
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From the beginning, Marxism-Leninism is the guiding ideology of theCommunist Party of China. The Chinese first central generation under the leadershipof Mao Zedong combined the core of the basic principles of Marxism with the actualsituation of the Chinese revolution and construction. With the efforts of severalgenerations of collective leadership made, they explore a suitable way for Chinasocialist revolution and road construction. Marx and Engels’ ideology of governmentpublic functions is the theoretical origin of the Chinese Communist governmentfunction, Mao Zedong appointed that our government aim is serving the people,which began as a precursor of this theory, all interested governments have theleadership is service, governing for the people, and great efforts to buildservice-oriented government, these guiding ideology help to strengthen ourgovernment’s social management and public service functions. The ideology is adevelopment of public function theory of Marx and Engels, not only for China orother socialist nation-building service-oriented government to provide directtheoretical support, but also provide valuable experience for government innovationand inspiration. The wave of globalization is washing over the whole world;government should adjust its functions to the situation of the domestic and foreigntimely in order to enhance the competitiveness of the country to stand in the forest ofthe world.Marx and Engels’ ideology of public functions in the development ofcontemporary China is a long-term and meaningful topics in a highly competitivetoday, and how to maximize and enhance the capacity of government to meet thegrowing material and cultural needs, is our government continuing goal. This articleinduct Marx and Engels’ government public function theory to analysis how ChineseCommunist Party developed Marx and Engels government public function ideologyin different background, the purpose is to elaborate the theory of Marx and Engels and at the same time show public functions a new understanding of the country andits functions, and use it as the guiding ideology to study and improve the way ofbuilding a service-oriented government.
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