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Study On The Legal System Of Rural Fire Safety For Protection In China

Posted on:2013-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395988623Subject:Economic law
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At present, as in china the strategic background of building a new socialist rural, the ruralfire service is related to the majority of rural people’s lives and property safety, which is animportant guarantee of maintaining rural social harmony, stability. Therefore, the research onrural fire safety of the legal system has great practical significance. Over the years, the ruralfire safety work has not been attached great importance, and the laws and regulations on ruralrural fire safety are not perfect, not forming a complete effective system of legal protection. Inrecent years, scholars are gradually emphasis on fire safety in rural areas, and achieved somesuccess, but most of the scholars only use sociology, engineering, management science pointof view to research rural fire infrastructure construction, rural fire protection engineeringmanagement, protection measures of rural fire safety. in this paper, the author uses perspectiveof economic and legal mechanisms and takes combining research methods of normativeanalysis and empirical analysis, economic analysis and Law analysis, have focused oninvestigative studies on the legal system to protect the rural fire safety, concentrated on theanalysis of the theoretical basis of the legal system of the rural fire safety, the Status andProblems, and put forward the proposal to build legal system of rural fire safety. the full test isdivided into five sections:The first part is introduction. Firstly, the author briefly introduces the researchbackground, purpose and significance of this paper; then reviews the relevant literature, anddescribes the research perspective and research level; Finally, a brief analysis of the researchmethods used in this paper, innovation and deficiencies.The second section describes the theoretical basis of the legal systerm of the rural firesafety in China. The rural fire service is a part of public goods, so firstly through the analysisof rural public goods characteristics and functions of Government, we can determine that theGovernment is the central subject of rural fire safety for protection. Secondly, through theexplanation of the reality of the legal protection of rural fire safety, and then to find an entrypoint for the legal mechanism of rural fire safety.Third part is mainly to targeted analysis of current situation of legal system of the ruralfire safety and problems in China, this is an important aspect of this article. Through the indepth analysis of the present situation and problems, it lays an important foundation forproposing practical initiatives and solving the problem. The fourth part is to make some suggestions to improve the legal system of China’s ruralfire safety. For lack of legal syetem for rural fire safety, the author proposes specificprogrammes to improve legal system of rural fire safety: establishing the financial emergencylegal system of rural fire service, improving the legal system of rural fire service budget,strengthening the legal system of rural fire production, perfecting legal system of a clearfire-fighting duties at all levels of Government and organizations of villager autonomy,improving accountability mechanisms of rural fire safety. By the perfection of the legalsystem, we can build the network of legal protection systerm for China’s rural fire safety.Last part is conclusion. The author focuses on the reality and urgency of rural fire safetyissues, and has a brief review of theoretical perspective of this thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural Fire Service, Safety Regulations, Financial System, AccountabilitySystem, System Improvement
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