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The Study Of Problems And Countermeasures Of Rural Community Construction In China

Posted on:2013-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Due to the effect of urban-rural dual system for a long-term, the construction of rural society is comparatively lag behind, rural public service resources are relatively scarce, which is a sharp contrast to city’s orderly construction and relatively adequate public service resources, and this has become the bottleneck of China’s economic and social development. With the advancement of reform and open policy, rural society is becoming open from a closed status. The farmers also put forward to higher requirements on living conditions and environment as well as productions, under the condition that the problem of food and clothing has been solved and well-off standard of living has been basically realized. The Fifth plenary session of the Sixteenth central committee put forward to a target of "constructing a new socialism rural area", in order to achieve the integration of urban and rural development. Rural community construction, as a grasper that means to break the urban-rural dual system, is of vital practical significance for realizing the transition of rural society and the integration of urban and rural area. Rural community construction is the initiative of the construction of new socialist countryside, and is the breakthrough of national development strategy adjustment and grassroots governance transformation. It is the platform for implementation of national policy and promotion of the people’s livelihood construction, as well as for grassroots participation in political decision and expressing interest demands, which meets the requirements of integration of urban and rural development, and it is also the urgent need to realize urban and rural public service equalization.This paper consists of four parts:The first part refined the theoretical concepts of community, rural community and rural community construction, analyzed their characteristic, and pointed out significance of the rural community construction in China.The second part, through the analysis of the system of rural community development processes, summed up the achieved results in China’s rural, which mainly displays in following aspects:pilot construction experience has become the beneficial exploration; promoted the leadership and management system and mechanism innovation; formed a plurality of investment and social security mechanism; promoted rural basic level harmonious and stable; enriched and perfected the rural social and cultural life.The third part analyzed the problems in the construction of China’s rural communities, combined with the status of China’s rural communities, pointed out that the construction of China’s rural communities has over-reliance on the pilot experience and lack of scientific and rational planning, and the cultural construction of rural communities is lagging behind. In this paper, at the background of the innovation of social management system, it profoundly analyzed the problems related to institution-building in the system of governance of China’s rural communities, land expropriation and compensation mechanisms, the rural social security mechanism, expression and coordination mechanisms of interests, and funding mechanisms.The fourth part discussed the countermeasures to strengthen and improve the rural community construction. This paper argues that the construction of rural communities should be based on local conditions and makes advancement scientifically; and should focus on the cultural construction in rural communities; and should innovate rural community governance institutions and mechanisms to create a government-led, participatory community development pattern; should strengthen and improve the construction of rural grassroots party organizations, optimize the governance mechanisms of rural communities; to further improve the rural land transfer system, establish a sound social security mechanisms in rural areas; to create a sound interest expression and coordination mechanisms; to innovative rural community development financing mechanisms, thus realizing the target of "orderly management, improved service, civilized and peaceful society".
Keywords/Search Tags:community construction, rural community, integration of urban and rural areas
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