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Open Selection Of Leading Cadres Of The Application Research

Posted on:2014-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395991667Subject:Procedural Law
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As a kind of the mode of election, public leading cadres’ election settled in accordancewith provisional rules of work of public selection of leading cadres. However, thesetemporary provisions are lack of detailed and quantized contents on initiating procedure,avoidance system, relief procedure and etc., which results in the frustration of rightsimplement of candidates. Even worse, the public trust and satisfaction would hereby beinfluenced.Administering our country by law is the basic policy under the leadership of CPC. It notonly requires our politics, economy, social life and other aspects to be guided by law but alsoadvocates that the concept of ruling by law should be applied in the improvement of thenational system. As one of the procedural law, procedural justice can be used in theprocedural construction of public leading cadres’ election, which reflects the application ofthe concept of ruling by law. This thesis recognizes the basic standard of procedural justice asan entry point, takes a real public leading cadres’ election of a province as a case study andanalyzes the procedural reasons of the public leading cadres’ election from the perspectives ofjudicator’s neutrality, procedural transparency, procedural participation and proceduralrationality. This thesis also proposes the establishment of neutral selection system, theimprovement of remedy procedure and the solution of shortage on initiating procedure,avoidance system, relief procedure and etc. through legislation. The legislation can helpclarify the motion subject, refine and quantize the evaluation standard, improve the avoidancesystem and so on. All the above ways enable the public leading cadres’ election to own itselfan irreplaceable advantage, and to form an intact, standard, procedure optimized and publictrusted process of election.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public leading cadres’ election, Procedure, Procedural justice
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