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Research On The Investors’ Suitability System

Posted on:2014-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important area of economic development, financial markets play a hugerole for the development of economy. As the main participant of financial market,investors at unbalanced status position with brokers lead to lack for financialproducts’ cognition, it makes error of investment behavior, resulting in economiclosses and lack of confidence in the financial products, so that to increase financialproducts investment risk. The degree of protection for investors play a key role formarket stability and development, investors’ suitability system is a sharp weapon forthe interests of the investors who are protected by securities market, to protect thebenefit of the investors by constraining broker sales’ behavior to maintain the orderlydevelopment of financial markets.Investors’ suitability system began in the20th century, the United States. Aftercontinuously develop it becomes mature. The European Union and Japan forreference system in the United States, combined with its own specific marketsituation, which is suitable for local development system of appropriateness, playsan important role on protection of the investors’ benefit. Investor suitability systemin our country started late, and the securities market in various areas performanceuneven development status, there is missing in the system of legal design.The first chapter explores and discusses for the appropriate institutionalinvestors itself connotation and theoretical basis. The second chapter of this papermainly researches the formation and development of investors’ suitability system inthe United States, reflect the origin of the system by the morality of initialspecification to self-discipline rules to specific legal principles, this is a process ofgradually improve. The system of appropriateness of the EU and Japan, especiallyfor the appropriate institutional innovation has carried on the detailed analysis.Chapter three returns to discuss the status of the remaining and existing problems ofinvestors’ suitability system in our country.Investors’ appropriate institution has started to develop in our country and will become an important system of the development of the securities market, Althoughour country has not be included in the clear Laws and regulations, but thecombination of system development of the United States, the European Union, Japanand China’s specific national conditions, investors’ suitability system of law isimperative. The purpose of this paper is to explore and discuss the legal problems inthe system, in order to provide reasonable for the formation of the system ofprospective studies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Suitability System, Investment Risk, Brokers Obligations
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