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Research On Administrative Personality Of Chinese Civil Servant

Posted on:2014-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398460801Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the reform and opening up, in order to meet the need of the rapid development of the economy and society, China has continually carried forward the reform of government management system, and got a rich harvest in consummating the organization structure of government,building the administrative legal system and transforming the functions of government. All these have improved the level of government’s management. In the mean time, we should also noticed that, the reform in the past always focused on the respect of external institutions, but paid little attention to the civil servant who is the principal part in public administration. The personality factors, such as political values, structure of knowledge and moral obligation, play an important role in the administrative actions of the civil servant, and the causes of corruption and administrative omission have closely relationship with the personality of the civil servant. From all these,we can see that it is necessary and urgent to do some research on administrative personality. At present, many domestic scholars begin to pay attention to the field of administrative personality and get some research findings, but on the whole, the research methods are simple, many research findings are repetitive and lack of practicalness, so we still need to do some intensive research. This article are based on the domestic and external research findings. In the writing,this article use the method of document analysis and empirical study to do some research on administrative personality of the civil servant from the perspective of multi-disciplinary, such as Administration Science, Psychology, Ethics and Human Resource Management. Firstly, this article gives the definition of administrative personality. In the background of constructing service-oriented government,this article make an analysis of the personality trait of the perfect administrative personality from the perspective of the theory of new public service and give the theoretical basis. After that, the author analyse the personality defect of civil servant, and the causes of these problems are the negative thoughts of China’s traditional administrative culture, the imperfection of the system of public service, the confusion of political values and the lack of professionalism in the period of social transition and civic participation。In order to solve these problems, the author think that we should construct the administrative culture, perfect the system of public service, enhance the construction of administrative ethics and expand the civic participation to shape the perfect administrative personality of civil servant. Because of the restriction of data collection and professional knowledge, the research of this article still need to be consummated. The analysis and countermeasures in this article may provide reference for making policy. In this way, we can shape the perfect administrative personality and build an honest, diligent, pragmatic and efficient civic service.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative personality, government reform, service-oriented government, new public service
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